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Mizzima News' website is based on the customer management system (CMS) Joomla! Quickly and easily read news from Mizzima Burmese () on your Android mobile devices. There has been much content of news towards the nation. Weekly in English, the medium for analyses, (economic) news and detailed reporting. Name: khitpyaing mizzima Burmese.

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President Office spokesperson Zaw Htay said that among the two topics raised in the context of the policy area, the equality of the sexes and the prerogatives of the..... Leader of the Women's Labour Committee Congress, organised by the governing National League for Democracy the NLD, have opposed the suggestions of some..... Dr Salai Hlyan Hmone, vice-chairman of the Union's Joint Peace Dialogue Committee (UPDJC), said that ethnical groups remain democratic,.....

Zaw Htay, General Manager of the Panglong Conference of the 21. century, will also address the issue of minorities' issues and the issue of sexes..... The Thai government has detained Myanmar's undocumented migrants, many of whom are said to have crossed the Myawady/Branorder. Another six members of the Central Executive Committee of the National League for Democracy (NLD) were elected on the Second All-Myanmar Partie.....

More than 200 Myanmar migrants abandoned their weed handling plant in Ayuddhaya Province, Thailand, in protests on 19 June after not.....

Burmese BBC News broadcast on Mizzima TV.

Burma's BBC News television program will now be available on Myanmar's recently relaunched free-to-air broadcast television station, Mizzima TV. Mizzima TV will broadcast the BBC's 15-minute news program from Monday to Friday at 8.45 pm there. The BBC News Burmese - which is also available on bbc.com/burmese and the BBC News Burmese YouTube channels - will provide Mizzima TV audiences with the most important global and national news of the year.

The program will be broadcasted from London and will include UK tales of particular interest and interest to Myanmar audiences. Mizzima was awarded the 2007 Free Media Pioneer Awards by the International Press Institute and has been active in Myanmar since 2012, and produces a paper, a financial journal and television programs.

The Mizzima television station went online on 24 March 2018. Burmese speakers can reach the BBC on bbc.com/Burma, on Facebook (with over 13.3 million followers), Twitter and YouTube and follow the day's programmes on short wave (GMT 1330-1415) and in the mornings ( GMT 0000-0030). Myanmar is rebroadcasting the modern agricultural engineering program, the junior program Mobigeno and the Cooltech program.

You can access all the contents of the broadcast on the bbc.com/burmese website. BBC News Burmese's top news items of the day are now directly available to visitors to the Yangon-based website Frontier Myanmar. Each week, the BBC draws 346 million viewers to its BBC World Service, BBC World News and bbc.com/news.

The BBC Worldservice provides news contents on TV, television and the Internet and reaches 269 million viewers a week. Part of the BBC Learning English Service, BBC Learning English is taught to a worldwide public. BBC would like to introduce the BBC to you. The BBC Worldwide Service Group is active in 42 different international communities, including TV, Internet, radio stations and many more.

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