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Burmese Python' against the Panther' in a superbattle

"The Burmese Python" Aung La N Sang from Myanmar will take on Muay Thai heavy-weights champions Alain "The Panther" Ngalani from Hong Kong in an Open Weights competition of the ONE Middleweight Worlds Championship, according to a newscast. The 32-year-old Aung La N Sang is Myanmar's most accomplished sportsman in the past, whose constrictive stile has given him the name "The Burmese Python".

Aung La N Sang astonished former Russian champ Vitaly Bigdash in an eagerly awaited re-match to become the new ONE Middleweight World Championship. The heavyweight Alain " The Panther " Ngalani, who coaches from the impact MMA in Hong Kong but is from Cameroon, is a frightening mix of strength and celticism.

Ngalani has a 25-7-1, 2 NC kick-boxing track with 23 knock-outs and is a heavy weight Muay Thai and kick boxing champions. Just out of his 11-second KO of former ONE heavy-weight champions Hideki Sekine.

Myanmar's portrait of'Buddhist Bin Laden' scares Cannes

The Ugandan leader Idi Amin was at the peak of his powers for Barbet Schroeder's last few month when the bodies were washed up on the banks of Lake Victoria every single day and rumors about the consumption of his enemies littered Kampala. However, in his decades-long documentary of malevolence, the experienced Burmese film-maker says he has never been so afraid as of a Burmese Buddhist friar called Wirathu.

"I' m scared to call him Wirathu because even his name frightens me," said the AFP's much praised filmmaker. "His dissuasive portrayal of the friar who has been charged with spreading hatred and instigating assaults on Myanmar's Muslim Rohingya minorities, "The Venerable W", was celebrated by reviewers at the Cannes International Cannes International Filmfes as a "stirring feature on ethnical cleansings in action".

Wirathu, whom Time Magazines called "The Face of the Buddhist Terror" in a 2013 frontispiece, is completely unimpressed by the turmoil and misery he has caused. However, the hateful speeches and counterfeit messages that Wirathu spread from his Mandalay convent, and accused Muslims - hardly four per cent of the country's people - of feeding the Burmese people, turned Schroeder's flipjer.

"He' s much smarter and more controlled than I thought, diabolically clever," said Schroeder, who filmed his movie in Myanmar until he caught the cloakrooms. "He said it was like facing a good Jesuit or a very wise Commommunist ruler.

Instead of "questioning him like a journalist," Schroeder let the friar speak like the other themes of his "Trilogy of Evil," which began in 1974 with "General Idi Amin Dada," and included his 2007 movie "Terror's Advocate" about the Parisian attorney Jacques Verges, who was defending the Nazi criminals Klaus Barbie and the Serb guide Slobodan Milosevic.

"Waiting long enough will bring out the truth," said Mr Schröder. The Rohingya are burning their own homes to get United Nations money...." Another narrative sequence shows Wirathu, the head of the Buddhist 969 Nazi Buddhist movements, beating Muslims to death in 2013 in Meiktila near Mandalay, a months after he gave an anti-Muslim oration there.

He said that the friar had brought "all brotherhood and love" back to the city to call for rest, "but he was at least directly at work. "Erathu said all this was because a friar was murdered by the Muslims. Wirathu - known as the Buddha Bin Laden - aroused suspense this past months by turing Moslem areas in the restless Rakhine State, even though Myanmar's supreme Buddha school forbade him to preach in March.

In 2012, several hundred Rohingya Muslims perished when the state was torn apart by cultist power, and ten thousand are still languishing in smelly displaced persons centres. Wirathu's Islamophobia in the movie Schroeder, 75, seems to be due to the raping and killing of a buddhistic women by a Muslim in his home town Kyaukse.

"A different hypothesis is that his mom abandoned his dad and got to marry a Muslim, or that his convent was burnt when he was 14.

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