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Daily Mirror newspaper (United Kingdom). To read today's Daily Mirror from London, England, click here. We create a separate mirror fund for each fund managed by an external fund manager, which invests in the underlying fund. Newspapers Daily Mirror and Daily Express.

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One Taliban leader said to a UK newspaper that the group of fundamentalists is getting ready to rule Afghanistan when NATO troops are out. Much, apparently because the RBNs had hardly been proclaimed before the papers went into the name melt and pathboat gamblers went out to fly the name of the new RBN into the sinning caves.

Twenty-one years ago, a crew of policemen from Britain came to the Hellenic Isle of Kos to investigate a pile of debris near the place where Ben Needham went astray.

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It is a UK newspaper established in 1903. Between 1985 and 1987 and between 1997 and 2002 the imprint was just The Mirror. In December 2016 it reached an averages of 716,923 copies per day and fell significantly to 587,803 copies in the following year.

His Sunday Nurse newspaper is the Sunday Mirror. In contrast to other large tabloid newspapers such as The Sun and The Daily Mail, the mirror does not have its own Scotch version; this feature is taken over by the Daily Record and the Sunday Mail, which contain certain mirror tales of Scotch-importance.

Initially intended for the bourgeois readers, it was converted into a workers' newspaper after 1934 in order to appeal to a wider group. Mirror had a number of proprietors. When the Harmsworth family's interests in the press were restructured in 1963, Mirror became part of International Publishing Corporation.

More than 5 million units were sold every day in the middle of the sixties, an achievement that she or another UK newspaper has not achieved since then. 3 ] The Mirror was in the possession of Robert Maxwell between 1984 and 1991. It went through a long post-mortem of crises before it merged with the Trinity Mirror group in 1999.

Alfred Harmsworth (later Lord Northcliffe) founded the Daily Mirror as a women's newspaper on November 2, 1903. 5 ] Hence the name: "I really want it to be a mirror of female living, both on his tomb and on his easier sides.... to be amusing, without being careless and serious, without being boring".

In 1913 Alfred Harmsworth bought the newspaper to his brothers Harold Harmsworth (from 1914 Lord Rothermere). In 1919, some editions of the newspaper were selling more than a million units a year, making it the biggest newspaper in the world. 14 ] In 1924 the newspaper sponsors the 1924 Women's Olympics at Stamford Bridge in London.

Lord Rothermere was a close acquaintance of Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler and turned the mirror's editing attitude against them in the early years of 1930. 15 ][16] In the mid-1930', Der Spiegel fought - he and the Post were the major victims of the circulating wars of the early 1930', in which the Daily Herald and the Daily Express produced more than two million copies, and Rothermere resolved to dispose of its allotment.

With Cecil King (Rothermere's nephew), who was responsible for the newspaper's finance, and Guy Bartholomew as publisher, the Mirror was converted by a rightist, bourgeois newspaper into a left-wing newspaper for the working mass. The Mirror was the first UK newspaper to take over the New York tabloid, partially on the recommendation of the US ad firm J. Walter Thompson.

Hugh McClelland presented his frenzied west novel Beelzebub Jones in the Daily Mirror in 1937. In 1945, after taking the lead as head of cartoons at Mirror[20], he dumped Beelzebub Jones and switched to a series of new films. Throughout the Second World War, Der Spiegel took a position as a simple military and civil document and criticized the leaders and the mainstreams.

It sold 4.5 million units per minute in the latter part of the 1940', outperforming the Express, dominating the UK newspaper industry for 30 years and reaching a high of more than 5 million units per minute in the mid-1960s. Working classes' widespread reading had made the Mirror Britain's best-selling newspaper.

She purchased the National Herald (the workers' movement's favorite daily) in 1960 when she purchased Odhams in a number of acquisitions that formed the International Publishing Corporation (IPC). Mirror managers did not want the Herald to compete with the Mirror for the reader and launched it as The Sun in 1964.

The sun was immediately resold to Rupert Murdoch, who immediately brought it back to the market as a more sensational and populistic boulevard newspaper and competition to the Spiegel. For you Fritz Gurrender For you Fritz, the Euro 96 Championship is over", and the publisher's commentary, "Mirror explains the soccer crisis to Germany" The title page of the Spiegel on November 4, 2004, after the re-election of George W. Bush as US President, reads "How can 59,054,087 persons be so Numbner?

Richard Wallace became a freelance journalist in 2004. Daily Mirror has a long tradition of supporting the Labour Party in parliamentary election. 43 ] The Daily Mirror asked its reader that their land need Tony Blair and should elect Labour. Criticizing the Liberal Democrats for the formation of the Conservative governing party that allowed the Conservatives to take office in 2010, the newspaper denounced Nick Clegg as Pinickio (alluding to the fictitious figure Pinocchio)[45] for going back to many electoral promises.

It was Chalky White, who wandered through several UK bathing sites and waited to be recognized by the mirror reader (a covert photograph of him posted in the newspaper). Daily Mirror cover after the publication of fake pictures. The Daily Mirror released pictures of UK troops ill-treating Iraqis at an undetermined place in Iraq in May 2004.

Morgans dismissal as a journalist on 14 May 2004 was the result of the resolution to release the photographs, which later turned out to be haaxes. Then the Daily Mirror determined that it was a "calculated and vicious fraud". 49 ] The newspaper published a declaration in which it apologized for this.

Des Kelly, the newspaper's assistant journalist, took on the role of assistant journalist during the war. Boulevard newspaper rivals The Sun provided a 50,000 pound award for arresting and convicting those charged with forging the mirror photos. It was part of Anderson's premier Manchester City gameplay trailer, which was featured in the web and printed version of the Mirror, and the citation of the title continued in the following issues on September 19.

Remarkable former and recent Daily Mirror columnist include: It' The Wharf, Isle of Dogs' newspaper. In November, Telegraph is the only British newspaper to do so. Accessed February 5, 2018. Compared to the previous year, seven British domestic papers lost more than 10 percent of their revenues.

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Accessed March 21, 2017. We want to take the Daily Mirror to court - the organisers of the Russia pancakes fest are fighting for hooliganism". Accessed March 24, 2017. Daily Mirror confirms wrongly-arranged text about WEG fans". Released April 4, 2017.

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