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Micropur News, Micropur, Azad Kashmir. Here you will find all important news, headlines, news photos and videos about Mirpur. In the Kotli district, when their van crashed into a gorge in Panjora, Express News reported. Business Webinar; Webinar Business Executive;

Webinar Business C-Level; Daily Newspaper mirpur azad . Imán Khan at the meeting in Mirpur AJK.

A town in Pakistan that likes a haircut in Britain.

I have a Pakistanese background, but I was borne in London. "So, you're from Mirpur, are you? "I smiles - the town of Mirpur is known here as Little England because so many of its residents have gone to Britain just to buy big homes with the savings they have made - or to get married to their young.

Then he pointed to my head: "But your hairdo - all Mirpuris have the same. "In order to illustrate this - I have shaven the sides of my skull to different extents what is known as fading. At the bottom of my ears there is hardly any coat - then it gets longer and longer as you go up - at the top of my forehead it is a regular, longer length.

However, in Pakistan most men have much easier haircuts. And I wasn't sure the watchman liked my sis. I decided my first cut of my own head in Pakistan would be in Mirpur. But it was the truth - every other man under 40 seemed to have a loss of sebum.

There was no way of knowing whether they were Pakistanis or natives. During the 1960' s, tens of thousand of Mirpuris went to work in plants and windmills in towns such as Bradford and Birmingham - some estimated that about 70% of all Pakistanis in Britain originated in the area. We' re following him to what he says are Mirpur's first hairdressers.

An elegant young man has his design stubbles tweezed - one by one - so that the borders of his moustache line up in a perfect line. He and the hairdresser also have fading hairstyles. He' s never been to England himself, but has family in Birmingham.

A client told me how he was cupped from a small treasure by a Leeds woman who said she was marrying him. "Newcomer who knows nothing about British life." As Mirpur became'Little England', Arslan says that he gets along well with most British Pakistanis, and when he showed me his home town, we were pulled over by three Bradford people.

And Arslan likes the attentiveness - and perhaps also the confirmation - of these UK supporters. When he swings an electrical shaver, Irfan says he was the first one in Mirpur to begin to offer faded moles. "Recently," he brags, "a UK client was so moved that he asked me for a position..... in London.

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