Miche/?m?ri? is a coastal town in the northeast of Sarawak, Malaysia, near the border to Brunei, on the island of Borneo. Dive Miri-Sibuti Coral Reefs National Park Miri.

Miri, Sarawak's second city, is a thriving oil city that is lively and modern.

Cleverer than us

It is our vision to create technical instruments for the neatness of AI system designs and analyses, with the aim of making these instruments more secure and dependable as they are made. MIRI' s scientists have a tendency to be relatively ignorant about how the state of the technology in AI will evolve in the next few years and how many years are wiser than those of people.

We believe, however, that some quality forecasts are possible: - With the improvement of perceptions, inferences and design algorithm, AI will become familiar with ever more complicated and long-term decisions. - Reality objectives and general argumentation system frameworks will be too complicated for the programmer to specify directly. Instead, AI sys-tems have to learning the right targets and environment model induction.

  • A system that ends with bad environmental modeling can cause significant damage. Bad designs, however, restrict how well a design system can monitor its surroundings, which restricts the damage to be anticipated. - There are less apparent limitations to the damage a system with poorly specified targets could do.

Specifically, an autonomic system that is learning about people' s objectives but is not properly geared to aligning its own objectives with its best example of what is humanly possible could do disastrous damage without proper controls. - AI system or global scale targets can be fragile and behave extraordinarily well until some apparently unrelated environment variables change.

It is our aim to create better decision-making structures. That'?s the trouble. When you' re just thinking about an optimisation issue, the engine solves an optimisation issue for you and you omit some of the tags that are really important to you.

Now, it is in the essence of optimisation issues that if the system can tamper with some of those that are not part of the goal feature - so it is free to toy with them as much as it wants - often, to optimise the ones it is meant to optimise, it will put the others on extremes.

I suggest that we should stop doing AI in its basic sense of simply enhancing the decision-making capacity of people. We should think the same way about AI: Of course, AI should be structured in such a way that their action is well adapted to what people want. However, it is a complex, unresolved issue that has not yet been on the research agendas.

That'?s the issue they're working on. The method we use is to divide the orientation issue into more simple and precise sub-projects, build fundamental mathematics theories to understand these issues, and then use our newly acquired knowledge in technical application.

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