Miramar Burma


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Burma - The official Globe Trekker Website

Secluded from the rest of the globe for hundreds of years, this is a captivating land as friendly and inviting as the reigning army jungle was hard and repressive. McCormick plunges into the middle of the land to hit rock bottom. She begins her trip in Yangon, where she examines the confrontation between contemporary living and Myanmar's past of colonialism, so prominently known throughout the land that some still call her Burma.

She can' t escape the attraction of the glistening Shwedagon Pagoda, the country's most venerated Buddha shrine, before she can. She flies to the middle of the land and goes to the famous Inle Lake, where she finds out how varied the area is. The Padaung woman Megan is meeting seems to have no objection to being remunerated for attracting the tourist..... provided that the foreigner respects her choices.

Next she goes to the city of Hsipaw, where she will visit a Shan palace and uncover a centuries-old tribe-rival. Talking to the present inhabitant, Fern, she notes that the humans still carry scarring from the recent diktatur. Megaan is taking a rough ride by rail to Mandalay and stops briefly at the Pyin-oo-Lwin mountain terminal in Britain.

At Mandalay she discovered a town that was ravaged by the Second World War and re-invented by the Chinese. To get into the culture of this town, Megan goes to the Mahamuni Buddha in gold, tries the moribund arts of puppeteering and chooses night entertainments in the shape of the Moustache Brothers, just to realize that this country's recent policies are permeating everything, even film.

From Mandalay Megan it goes far away from the most important touristic places and to the Chin state, where she encounters the Chinese Tattoo Woman. From at least the eighth centuries, these females once used to tattoo complicated patterns on their faces as shelters. Once the kingdom's capitol, Bagan fully incorporated Buddhism into the state.

Today Myanmar has the highest percentage of buddhistic friars in all buddhistic countries. They meet their leader Min Min Min Min and they discover this unbelievable scenery with horses and a stage. megan' s going to rakhine state for her last stop. Constructed by the Sarkies and recently refurbished, the Strand Hotel is still the epitome of British Burma.

It is a beautiful resort in the centre of Mandalay, which even offers a cocktail by the swimming pools for the group. It' really the greeting card sandy beaches that every traveler wants at the end of an adventurous journey and the folks who run this place are very inviting. Mr. Saw is astonishing and he will organize the best journey to the Chin Hills.... or apparently somewhere else in Myanmar.

Moken Sea nomads are the last sea dwellers to survive as oceans; their last empire is an island off the Burmese coastline.

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