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Organizations worldwide are managed by Executive Search and we have specialized consultants for Asia and the South Pacific and its major industries. Get some of your favorites from the Asia Mart in Miramar and enjoy a fun barbecue night. MyMiramar, Goa current time in India is displayed live with seconds along with active date and time zone. Comments from Miramar Garden Taipei, Taipei. Explore our large gallery of nature pictures in Miramar Beach, Goa.

Senior Search Consultant for Asia and South Pacific

Miramar, with operations in London, Hong Kong and Philadelphia, is a leading international management recruitment group. Our Hong Kong-based teams at AirPort are specialists in the area and its various business areas. Executives research, consulting and management use their vast network and specialized identifying and acquiring technologies to find the best talents for the region's leading franchise.

Well-known for its mechanical manufacturing, Asia is also at the cutting edge of the technological and scientific frontier, and in recent years China has also challenged the international players in these and other areas. Because of the fast-paced developments in the APAC area, the best management talents are in great demand. ΓΏ Thanks to the fast pace of growth in the APAC area...

MyMiramar Senior Management in Asia and the South Pacific works with some of the largest companies in the area to fill their top positions. While Miramar has experience in recruiting and recruiting leaders in all areas from Life Sciences to Energy, our commitment does not end with filling the vacancy.

Executives use in-depth appraisal procedures to deliver to our customers exactly what they need, and once a prospect is chosen and hired, we help them integrate and develop new deadlines into their new role. Executives in Asia and the South Pacific know their way around the globe with integrating talents, taking into account current geographical customs.

Singapor Hotel: Miramar Hotel, First Class Hotel

First and foremost, you' ll be able to admire the picturesque views and the intimacy of eating and drinking by the water when you walk to the many bars and bars on Boat Quay and Clarke Quay. The Miramar Hotel is the perfect destination for every traveler as it has a commercial centre, favourite touristic and sightseeing sites, a commercial area, seafront restaurant and nearby recreation facilities.

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