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Mint. Breaking News & Analysis of the Indian and International Economy, Economy & Politics.

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The Wall Street Journal, with former associate editor-in-chief of the journal, Raju Narisetti as cofounder. About eight month before the publication of the first issue, Narisetti provided employees for Mint. Narisetti's launching staff consisted of some of India's top economic writers and a few of the journal's staff who Narisetti had invited on a boat to give India's press culture a taste and fashion.

In it, informated commentators saw a well-calculated assault on the near-monopoly of The Times Group, the competing HT Group. Mint, the HT Medias economic newspaper, is competing with The Economic Times, Geschäfts Standard, Geschäfts Line and The Financial Express.

Though it is a newspaper, Mint does not see himself as a "newspaper of records", but concentrates on the larger histories of the days, together with analyses and life-style plays. A number of critics [who?] have described Mint as a "daily magazine" because of this selection of presentations. Between 2007 and 2014, Mint contributed only Wall Street Journal editing to its pages, thanks to the alliance between HT and Newscorp, the journal's owner.

Mint' designs present commercial and finance information in a concise form, often using information graphics to tell tales and present dates. It was originally conceived by Mario Garcia, who was also associated with the redesign of the Wall Street Journal. The Mint Lounge is published on Saturdays instead of the weekdays.

The Mint on Sunday contains a number of week-long highlights such as "The Big Picture", a comic bus of a number of participants, "Big Story" about the entertaining industry, "Play-By-Play" about sport, "Life Hacks" about the latest technologies and the finance function "Economics Express". "Mint' s editing or "Views" page emphasises free men, free economy and free society.

The title page of Mint features a brief leading article entitled "Quick Edit". Longer opinions entitled "Our View" and comments by guests entitled "My view" or "Their Views" are listed in the opinions pages towards the end of the article. Theme writers usually hold a press briefing to determine the story collection for the next day's issue before the document enters the finishing stage of publication.

We also have small crews focused on strategic, commercial, marketing, publicity and other issues related to the publication of the papers and their add-ons, and engineers working solely on HT Media's digitally produced multimedia project, which includes mobile phone and tablet applications with Mint and other HT Medias releases.

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