Minskin is a new cat breed with short legs and fur tips - that is fur on face, ears, nose, legs and tail. Minskin's body is called semi-cobby because it is remarkably stocky and small. Minskin has very short legs, but they keep the same degree of mobility as any other active breed. Minskin is good with children and other pets. Minskin is a strikingly stocky and small cat with a sweet expression and hobbit-like appearance.

Minskin Introduction

Minskin is a new kitten race with long feet and tips - that is coat on face, eyes, nostrils, legs and tails. Bodily complexion can be sparsely hairy, but the stomach is always bald. Those captivating kittens have all the maneuverability of any other kitten, but sometimes they have other ways to the top of the fridge instead of a jump!

In 1998, Paul McSorley began developing the Minskin in Boston, Massachusetts. Like the Siamese limited the colour to the dots (or extremities), Paul McSorley imagined a shorthanded female with a coat limited to the dots. In order to reach his aim, he bred a Munchkin with shorts feet and coat with a sphynx for the hairlessness property, where coat can appear on the limbs.

At the beginning of 2005 there were about 50 kittens who met the Minskin-Fvision. Open-minded Minskin is a loving kitten who likes the companionship of humans, especially kids, and gets along well with other kittens and sires. They' are smart, resolute females who can do anything their bigger colleagues can do, but sometimes use their brains to find a new way to the same goal.

There is little fur on the skin and the skin has a very hot feel. You have a semi-cobby physique with a compact look that is low to the floor because of the shorter feet.


Humans with cool or Arthritischen hand. Frisky and cheerful, this kitty adores humans and delights in being cuddled. The Minskin, like any other kitten, is energetic and high. Minskin is everyone's boyfriend and gets along well with them. When it comes to pens, this type of animal hunts its part of the cat's game. It is a toy that it can hunt, especially when it comes to them.

The best thing about Minskin is that it feels hot, which makes it a real treat to snuggle up with him on a chilly outing. Minskin is generally well. Minskin's minimum fur is low-maintenance and easy-care. It is necessary to bathe regularly with gentle shampoos to keep the epidermis smooth and well.

Minskin is a scarce race and can be hard to find. Minskin is only a ten-year-old girl. Until 2000 he made the first Minskin, and until 2005 there were more than 50 variations with long feet and full coat.

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