Ministry Office in Myanmar

Office of the Ministry in Myanmar

The complex also hosted Burma's first independent National Assembly. Responsible Administration, Intellectual Property Department, Ministry of Education. The Nay Pyi Taw Republic of the Union of Myanmar. Myanmar State Department report (English). Govt - Government Office;


Office of the Minister

Though currently open to the general population, it is definitely a worthwhile walk through this stunning 16-hectare large stone area. Aung San and six of his associates were murdered here in 1947. In 2005, when the capitol relocated to Nay Pyi Taw, the main part of the edifice, which was re-named Minister's Office, was vacated and its rooftop was destroyed during Cyclone Nargis.

The Ministry of Construction chose it as one of five landmark Yangon properties for fundamental renovation in 2011. Meanwhile a privately owned group has taken over the rental contract and is planning, among other things, a culture center and a historic memorial with the old office of Aung San and the room in which he was shot down.

The area is open to the general public once a year on Martyrs' Day. It will probably be years before the barbwire comes down and the general population is able to return to the site and see the structure from the flameshadowed grass. According to a technological survey, the costs for the complete refurbishment of the 400,000 square metre large facility were estimated to be at least 100 million US dollars.

Deloitte appoints Myanmar's Chairman as new Treasurer

Deloitte & Touche[DLTE.UL] Myanmar-based Soe Win previously worked for Myanmar Foreign Trade Bank before starting a second professional experience as a taxation and investments advisor to multinational companies. The Parliament published its bio on its Facebook page, together with a short article saying: "Myanmar's president has sent a bio of the nominee, Soe Win, for the role of Union Minister for Finance and Planning.

Zaw Htay, spokesperson for the administration, and Undersecretaries of State in the Ministry of Finances and Planning were not immediately available. President's Office has not been able to explain why departing Secretary Kyaw Win left the Treasury Department last weekend. Neither Kyaw Win and the administration have responded to press coverage that he was investigated by Myanmar's anti-corruption commission.

In the early 1960', Soe Win came to a state-owned Myanmar banking firm before working as a graduate engineer at the National Westminster Institute and the Museum of Art in the mid-1970s, according to a bio on the website of the Renaissance Institute. He is a member of the executive committee of the Renaissance, a think factory that consults the federal administration on matters of economics.

Burma Vigour Co. Ltd, a management consulting company he established in 2003, became a member of Deloitte in 2015, according to his bio. Almost five decade-long military domination has afflicted Myanmar with impoverishment and bribery. Since Suu Kyi came to office in 2016, the economy has still slumped relatively strongly, along with FDI.

In addition to criticizing the slow pace of global reform, Suu Kyi has also been convicted internationally for a security strike that, according to the United Nations and humanitarian groups, has sent nearly 700,000 Rohingya Muslims to neighbouring Bangladesh.

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