Ministry of Travel and Tourism Myanmar

Myanmar Ministry of Travel and Tourism

Making travel news available for MRTV and uploading news to the Ministry's website and Facebook. Tasks and responsibilities of the office. At present, the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism issues four types of licenses: " The door was opened and the tourists came because it was a new country on the travel list. The freedom to travel within Myanmar remains restricted.

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Mandate & Vision

Supporting the sustained growth of Myanmar's tourism industry, promoting the country's reputation, creating new jobs and supporting Myanmar's economical wellbeing. Under the direction of the Ministry of Hotel and Tourism, to achieve the goals set by the state for the tourism industry in Myanmar.

Establishing relationships with tourism industry organisations, federations and tourism enterprises for national and multinational benevolence, comprehension and reciprocal benefits as required by the state. Represent members in the government and all organisations with which the association has shared interests and reporting problems, hindrances or hurdles in the tourism sector.

Respect local sovereignty and religions, old culture and the environment in the tourism sector. Nomination of members who are active in local or international tourism and travel boards and organisations. Promoting the highest ethics in tourism and travel management, promoting mutual respect, good will and community among members through the formulation and implementation of a code of ethics to be endorsed by the General Assembly.

Studying, developing and promoting the tourism and travel sector and informing the general population about the sector by organising and taking part in seminaries, conferences, workshops, congresses, exhibits, training courses and conferences and other events aimed at developing tourism and travel resources. Organise individual contractors for collaboration and assistance in achieving the objectives and encourage free entrepreneurship through equitable tender.

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