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The Ministry of Transport and Communications is the government agency of Myanmar. Department of Transport and Communications, Myanmar. Meteorology and Hydrology (DMH) reports to the Ministry of Transport and Communications. Signet of the Ministry of Railways. To develop and maintain the Ministry's website.

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Burma's Ministry of Transport (???????????????????????,'MOT') is a Ministry of the Myanmar Ministry of Transport and Communications in charge of the country's transport infrastructures. The Department also runs Myanma Airways and Myanma Port Authority[1] The Department of Civil Aviation reports to this Ministry. As Myanmar became independent, the Ministry of Waterways and Civil Aviation and the Ministry of Transport, Post and Telecommunications were established.

The above mind-sets were combined in 1961 and restored as the Ministry of Transport and Communications with (11) organizations. It was restructured again in 1972 to become the Ministry of Transport and Communications. It was restructured into three departments in 1992: the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Railways and the Ministry of Communications, Post and Telegraphs.

It is organized by the Ministry of Transport with the following divisions. Development and full use of transport capacity to help create an economy of strength, modernity and development. Fulfilling transport needs and developing and maintaining transport infrastructures in order to fully sustain increasing output from other business segments and respond to increasing government and societal needs.

Ensuring a safe and efficient transport system at home and abroad, contributing to the evolution of frontier regions and breeds and to the evolution of the tourist industry. Enabling weather-independent transport of rivers through the conservation and conservation of this area. Developing aviation and shipping infrastructure in line with global environment conservation requirements.

Promotion of the transport industry through personnel training and expansion of skills in the field of managing and developing advanced technologies. Compliance with relevant agreements, legislation, laws, policies and provisions relating to the transport industry. developing internal and external transport and active participation in the realisation of a nationwide multimodal transport system.

Planning the realisation of domestic, subregional and multinational transport systems.

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