Ministry of Tourism Myanmar

Myanmar Ministry of Tourism

Tour operators have taken up his appointment as Minister for Hotel and Tourism. Myanmar Ministry of Hotels and Tourism,. Tourism Association Myanmar and Hanns-Seidel-. But now, only a decade later, the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism. The Ministry of Hotel and Tourism Statistics.

Myanmar Ministry of Hotels and Tourism website - Myanmar Forum

Many contributions ask for proposals for Myanmar based agencies. Consular services often receive inquiries from US nationals who come to Burma to get advice for tourists, hotel owners or just the best places to visit. One good resource for tourism information is the Ministry of Hotel and Tourism's website in Myanmar,

This website contains useful information such as listings of travel agents and travel agents, hotels, dos and don'ts for tourists, limited areas of the site, a events schedule, tickets and much more. It should be mentioned that the tourist enterprise we use (River Mekong) is not on the listing of tourist enterprises offered on the website of the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism in Myanmar.

Nor is SST another prestigious eco-tourism tourism enterprise in Myanmar. When I asked River Mekong, they replied: "UMTA (Union of Myanmar Travellers Association) is a private sector organisation for Myanmar tourism agents. Please note that the website of the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism in Myanmar is not a complete list.

A number of travel agencies listed on this list (e.g. River Mekong) are not listed. The Mekong has been very reactive so far and we are looking forward to our journey. The Mekong River gave me more information in answer to my questions: "This site was created during the period of former minister U Tint San with the help of U Tint San and other information from the civil sector and has not been refreshed since, except for the latest bulletin page.

If you go to the links from the start page, you will see that the travel organizer network is the network of members of UMTA. Myanmar now has more than 2,000 travel agents and the shortlist is too narrow for reality."

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