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Minister of the Union Dr. Pe Myint receives the Myanmar Press Council. Please see contact information and details of the MOI web portal Myanmar. Department of Information Committee -. Flickr: External website that opens in a new window.

Japanese Embassy in Myanmar Website LINK.

Burmese Public Administration

The" official" pages of the ministry are often off-line. Modinks (Myanmar Online Data Information Network Solutions) has short definitions of most government departments that we use as alternative URLs or main hyperlinks where the "official" page does not work. Describe/Topic: The National Botanical Garten ; Moneyingyi Wildlife Sanctuary ; Shwesettaw Wildlife Sanctuary ; Kakaborazi Nationaol Park ; Inlay Lake (Feuchtgebiet) Sanctuary ; Sein-Ye Forest Camp ; Mariaing Hay Wun Elephant Camp ;

Wildlife Sanctuary du lac Indawgyi ; Nat Ma Taung N ative Park ; Chatthin Wildlife Sanctuary ; Popa Mountain Park ; Alungdaw Kathapa Nacional Park ; Meinmahla Kyun Wildlife Sanctuary ; Hlawaga Park ; Yangon Zoological Gardens. The Myanmar countryside offers considerable potential for the growth of eco-tourism, helping to increase domestic R&D revenues and cut down on timber harvesting in order to preserve the country's own forestry resources.

The Ministry of Forestry has compelled a forestry tourism promotion commission, which, in cooperation with privately owned companies, has developed a base tourism service in a relatively brief period of time....". Descriptive/Topic:"....The Ministry of Finance and Revenue is in charge of providing the necessary government spending resources, collecting government taxation and levies, providing budget resources, containing currency inflation, stabilising the index of CPIs, escalating savings and supporting personal finance needs....".

Descriptive/Topic:Some paragraphs are empty, some statement text. On Myanmar (nothing there, 8/02); International Affairs (nothing there, 8/02); Divisions; Myanmar Missions; Embassies Abroad; Explanations, etc.; News & Views. Descriptive/Topic: HALTH PRINCIPLES AND PLANES; HALTH FRASTRUCTURE; HALTH SERVICES IN MYANMAR; PARTNERSHIP FOR HALTH DEVELOPMENT; PROSPECT OF THE FUTURE; STATISTICS OF HALTH; MYANMAR UNION (BASIC DATA).

Descriptive/Topic: Outline of the Citizenship Act 1982, Visas, Relation to ASEAN and Neighbourhood etc. Synopsis/Topic :(1) Myanma Textile Industries (M. T.I) ; (2) Myanma Foodstuff Industries (M. F.I) ; (3) Myanma Pharmaceutical Industries (M. P.P.I) ; (4) Myanma Paper and Chemical Industries (M. P.C.I) ; (5) Myanma Ceramic Industries (M. C.I) ; (6) Myanma General and Maintenance Industries (M. C.C.I.).

Descriptive/Topic:NO SITE- MARCH 2012...* Ministry of Industry Bureau (2); * Directorate of Myanma Industrial Planning (DMIP); * Myanma Automobile and Diesel Engine Industries (MADI); * Myanma Agricultural Machinery Industries (MAMI); * Myanma Machine Tools and Electrical Industries (MTEI); * Myanma Tyre and Rubber Industries (MTRI); * Myanma Industrial Construction Services (MICS).....

As well as these businesses, there are a number of JVs in which industry and non-Germany have a share: these include Myanmar Fritz Werner Industries Co Ltd a JV between Myanma Agricultural Machinery Industry and Fritz Werner Industrie-Ausrustungen GmbH, Germany. Myanmar Daewoo Electronics Co, Ltd. ein JV zwischen Myanma Machine Tools and Electrical Industries und Daewoo Electronics Co, Ltd, Ltd.

Myanmar Suzuki Motor Co., Ltd. the Myanma Automobile and Diesel Engine Industries and Suzuki Motor Corporation of Japan. Myanmar Ekarat Transformer Co., Ltd. the Myanma Machine Tools and Electrical Industries and Ekarat Engineering Public Co. Thailand and * Myanmar Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd.

the Myanma Machine Tools and Electrical Industries and Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd. Descriptive/Topic:Short summaries of: Organisational Structure; Myanmar Radio and Television (MRTV); Information and Public Relations Department; Printing and Publishing; Library and Literature Research; News and Magazine Company (NPE); News Department; Myanmar Motion Picture Enterprises; Myanmar Film Promotion Board.

Describing/Topic:Organisation; Fisheries; Livestock; Beekeeping; University of Veterinary Medicine; Applications; Contact details. Descriptive/Topic:In line with the recently adopted macroeconomic policies aimed at the efficient economical growth of the state, the former Ministry of Planning and Finance was restructured in February 1993 into two ministries as Ministry of National Planning and Economy and Ministry of Finance and Revenue.

The former Ministry of Planning and Finance itself was a fusion of the Ministry of Finance and Revenue and the Ministry of Planning, which were merged at the height of the government of the Revolutionary Councils. Descriptive /Topic: "The Ministry of Progress of Frontier Areas and National Races and Employment carries out the frontier and town planning in 284 cities across the nation with 519 civil servants and 24,090 other positions, a total of 24,609 employees....".

Descriptive/Topic:The Union of Myanmar has more than 48 million inhabitants (1995 census). Regarding Theravada Buddhism, the Union of Myanmar formally acknowledges nine Ghanas (sects). Descriptive /Topic: "The Ministry of Sciences and Technologies was self-sponsored in accordance with Decree No. (30/96) of 2 October 1996 for the production of professionals, engeneers, technologies and technical personnel of advancing sciences and technologies, to assist the economic growth and to successfully perform research and technological work.

Today the Ministry carries out research and design activities that promote the state' s economic growth and produce high-quality professionals such as engineering, technology and engineering. "Descriptive/Topic: Welfare Department; Legal Aspects; Types of Social Services; Children's Services; Youth Services; Women's Services; Elder Care; Disability Recovery; Former Drugs Recuperation; Vagabond Recovery and Socialisation; Grants to Voluntary Organisations; Government-NGO Activities and Relations; Myanmar National Committee for Women's Affairs; National Committee on the Rights of the Childrens;

Burma National Committee on Social Development; Myanmar Fire Services Department; Tasks and functions; Service; States and departments, districts, townships facilities and functions; Fire schools; Fire fighting equipment; FSD inspections; Relief and Resettlement Department; Relief for victims; Storage of relief supplies; Help for rescuers; Relief on special occasions; Preparedness for natural disasters; International cooperation.

Descriptive/Topic:Overview. Olympic Committee Myanmar; Department of Sports and Physical Education; Institute of Sports and Physical Education; Sports Fields and Gyms; Marathon. Descriptive/Topic: "The Ministry of Transport was reorganised in 1992. It is composed of the Dem Department of Transport, Dem Department of Marine Administration, Dem Department of Waterways, Dem Department of Civil Aviation, Dem Institute of Marine Technology, Inland Water Transport, Myanmar Five Star Line, Myanma Airways, Myanma Dockyards und Myanma Port Authority.....".

Briefing de l'aviation civile ; Direction des ressources en eau et de l'amélioration des systèmes fluviaux ; Département de la météorologie et de l'hydrologie ; Myanma Five Star Line ; Myanma Port Authority ; Myanma Shipyards ; Myanma Airways ; Institut de technologie marine ; Air Mandalay ; Yangon Airways ; Département de la météorologie et de l'hydrologie ; Myanma Five Star Line ; Myanma Shipyards ; Myanma Airways ; Institut de technologie marine ; Air Mandalay ; Yangon Airways.

Descriptive/Topic:Lots of materials, listings, illustrations, etc. on this page: Through MOC; Minister's Office; Directorate of Trade; Border Trade Division; MAPT. Myanmar Doing Business; Import & Export Procedures; Trade & Investment Opportunities; Importer & Exporter List (a few thousand); Trade Data & Charts; Fair Information; Agro Products for Sell.

Descriptive/Topic:Myanmar is located on the Southeast Asian Peninsula and covers an area of 676578 km2 Myanmar is equipped with a wealth of natural resource in which the extraction of valuable minerals began as early as the second cent. BC. The Myanmar rubies, sapphires and jade are widely known. Lead and zinc silver have been mined since the 15th A. D. and Myanmar was one of the top exports of pewter and wolfram on the global markets in the 1930s.

"The Ministry of Mining is in charge of formulating mining policy, exploring and extracting minerals and gems. The Mining Department is in charge of the formulation of mining policy, the issuing of mineral licences and the coordination of mining. The Department of Geological Investigation and Mineralexploration is in charge of the prospection of coal mines. "Descriptive/Topic:This booklet includes the images of a PowerPoint demonstration by Myanmar delegation to an ASEAN Powerpoint training session in September 2007.

Organ charts, which are otherwise not available, show the responsibility of the two Myanmar electricity departments since their separation in mid-2006. Myanmar's contribution to the workshop can be likened to similar contributions from other ASEAN countries, which are currently available on the Joint Graduate School of Energy and the Environment website.

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