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Online Data Information Network Solutions. Responsible Administration, Intellectual Property Department, Ministry of Education. The Nay Pyi Taw Republic of the Union of Myanmar. By invitation of the Minister of the Interior of Myanmar, the Chinese. Mr.

Solomon is currently an advisor to the Ministry of Information.


It has actively helped to ensure that the press is in line with the government's official line. Mr Kyaw Hsan was transferred to the Ministry of Cooperatives, and Mr Aung Kyi retired as Secretary of Labor and Secretary of Department of Social Affairs, Assistance and Relocation to take his place in the Ministry of Information.

On 29 July 2014 Aung Kyi stepped down.

Department of Communications and Information Technology (Myanmar)

Myanmar's Communication and Information Policy is managed by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technologies (Burmese: ???????????????? ?? ????????????????????; abridged MCIT). This ministry was formerly known as the ministry of communication, mail and telegraphs. In 2016, the Ministry was organised by the Cabinet of Htin Kyaw as the Ministry of Transport and Communication.

About Myanmar

It consists of the Minister's Office, two divisions and three companies. Aims of the ministry are: 1. to keep the general population informed of important issues carried out in accordance with government policies, of the state of play regarding the realisation of long-term and short-term planning and of important occurrences and occurrences; 3. to keep the general population informed.

The Myanmar Television and Radio Department (TRD) provides information, education and entertainment to the population. MTRD provides information and knowledge about the activity of the various divisions, companies and organisations that conduct special government tests. Broadcasters present programs 16 working days a week and 17 working days on bank holiday according to the guidelines.

There are 9 information channels, 27 educational channels and 32 amusement channels. In addition to the standard programs, events of important dates such as the banner raising ceremonies on Independence Day, the Union Day salute ceremonies, the Armed Forces Day parades, the state and divisional games of the game, the Ministry of Defense field games and the good will games of the game of the game are brought to life.

The TV programs are sorted by program part, product part, message part and open-air TV part. Both the broadcasting and TV industries are always innovative in broadcasting interesting national, international and international programs. A total of 76 simulcasts of the Bundeswehr Days and soccer games were made. The technical department has made 76 simulations in the time range 1-4-95 to 14-11-97 and its PA department has participated in 327 state-sponsored events.

This brings the total number of wards nationwide to 120. Administered by the government, it is accepting advertising to generate revenue for MTRD in line with the government's policies. Between 1-4-95 and 14-11-97 a total of 28,478,955.96 Kyat and 7,032,757.28 US dollar were made.

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