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On 28 June a polite gathering of Myanmar-Bangladesh Bazar Bazar in Bangladesh (BGB) took place. A Myanmar based mission headed by No. (1) Commander Police Briggeneral Myint Toe and a Bangladesh based mission headed by BGB Cox's Bazar Region Com...mander Brig- Gen SM Rakibullah took part in the event.

On the occasion of the conference, the state of implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding at the Interior Ministers' of Myanmar and Bangladesh levels, the continuation of co-ordinated patrolling at the borders of the two nations and the opening of the BLO between Myanmar and Bangladesh were discuss. The officers also addressed the exchange of information, the investigation and detection of the terror organization and of the terrorism, the removing of CCTV surveillance cams, pillars and pillboxes constructed on Bangladesh's side, as well as the investigation and investigation of refugees and co-operation in the fight against drugs.

Talks on the conduct of frontier interconnection exercises were also continued during the session. In Teknaf, Bangladesh, a Boundary Contact Bureau has been established in accordance with a Memorandum of Understanding and, once approved by the Ministry of the Interior, the work of the Boundary Contact Bureau will be carried out.

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Burma is on the road to democratisation and it is necessary to raise the educational levels of the population to achieve this objective. A knowledgeable and informative audience can make sensible choices. Burma has begun to open many of its economic activities to the rest of the planet, among them power, publicity and finances.

To diversify the educational system in Myanmar, after the entry into force of the Act on Public Schools in 2012, the privatector was allowed to set up educational establishments that provide lessons according to the curricula and rules required by the Ministry of Ed. Every act which is or threatens to cause or incite hate, hostility or dissension between race or religion or cults is in violation of this Constitutional Charter pursuant to Article 364 of the Basic Constitutional State.

The Singapore Management University was founded in 2000 as a National University. Myanmar's constitutional charter recognizes the right to free movement, which can be understood as the right of individuals to come together and jointly protect their shared interests.

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