Ministry of Hotel and Tourism Myanmar

Myanmar Ministry of Hotel and Tourism

Pagoda Shwedagon, an important tourist attraction in Myanmar. Myanmar Ministry of Hotels & Tourism. b) to give tourists the opportunity to observe Myanmar's cultural heritage and scenic beauty;. Myanmar's Ministry of Hotels and Tourism hopes to fatten its limited subsidies with income from a possible bed tax.

It became Burma's first department store, Myanmar Aswe (roughly translated "Myanmar Friend").

Myanmar Ministry of Hotels and Tourism

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November (14) Under the auspices of the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism and the organization of Bright View Travel & Tour Co Ltd. 5 overseas travelers came to Myanmar with their own 28 vehicles via the Tamu Border Gateway and.....

The ministry wants to cut hotel and tourism charges in half

As of October, the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism will reduce licensing rates by 50 per cent to help the country's burgeoning tourism industries, said U Tint Thwin, general manager of the Myanmar Times. "All royalties will be halved from 1 October, the second half of the year. We' re also looking to tighten down the dossier for proposers to raise the number of users in the industry," he said at a July 22 session with trade federations in Yangon.

The cost of a hotel license is between K 200,000 and K 1.9 million, according to the scale of the projects, a tourism license is K 400,000, a travel leader license K 50,000 and a tourism license between K 50,000 and K 500,000. The tourism specialist U Aung Myat Kyaw said he supports the move, and added that he hopes the ministry will abolish a visa ban on all operators to become members of a tourism alliance.

In order to request a new license or update an already in existence, travel operators need a Union of Myanmar Travel Association credential, while hotel operators need to be members of the Myanmar Hotel Association, he said. "This is the Ministry's politics. Citizens were compelled to form organizations under the Nazi regimes, but that is not how it should be now that Myanmar is a democracy," he said.

Mr U Tint Thwin said the policies are aimed at strengthening association memberships, unifying the tourism sector and helping the ministry to keep an overview of which tourism businesses are being used. Guidebooks have applauded the choice to reduce tolls. Reducing royalties by 50 will make a big deal of difference for new travel books as many are struggling to increase the present fee of 50,000 K, said Ma Swe Zin Oo, general Secretary of the Myanmar Tourist Guides Association, The Myanmar Times.

"We are happy about this, because the current charges make it very difficult for new travel books that are just beginning with tourism. She said, however, that travel agents and travel agents also have to reimburse an annuity fee at their community offices before they can renewal their license, but fiscal policies vary from community to community, even within the same area.

Until the end of May, the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism had granted 1351 hotel operating licenses, 2130 licenses for travel operators, 6309 for travel guidebooks and 536 for travel operators.

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