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Myanmar's Interior Ministry reverses course for a shift in government

Myanmar's militarily ruled Interior Ministry lifted on Tuesday some of its five departments' transfer to ministries of state and region after a memorandum on changes in the mass communication industry leaked out. Interior Minister Kyaw Swe sent a note to the heads of local and state government in August saying that the division of powers would give them full command over the administration of the policing, special investigations bureau, fire brigade, prison department and general administration.

However, following the recent publication on Facebook of a leaky copy of the letters, the ministry has released a new memorandum with a different text showing that the divisions will stay under his supervision. "We just wanted to amend the text of this memorandum by removing the sentence saying that we place these five divisions under local and state government offices and replace it with a sentence saying that local or state prime minister can co-ordinate, bargain and monitor in accordance with the law," said Maung Maung Myint, a deputy home-minister.

"We' ve modified the phrase because in the previous version of the phrase was interpreted differently, and we don't want controversies," he said. Myanmar's Ministry of the Interior, together with the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Borders, is under the control of Myanmar's Myanmar Provincial Army, which has significant political clout. According to the country's present constitutional charter, which came into force in 2008 when a Russian Army Junior Government governed the state, only the Supreme Head of the Army can nominate the three ministry secretaries, including the nomination of Kyaw Swe, a former Lt-General Lt. who headed the country's Southwest Command in the seaport of Pathein in the region of Ayeyarwady. However, the country's government is still in the process of being formed.

Maung Maung Myint said that a constitution would allow civil prime ministers-in-policy of states and territories to govern the five divisions as they saw fit, according to a Myanmar Times statement when the initial memorandum was released last months. Lei Lei Lei Maw, Prime minister of Tanintharyi Oblast in South Myanmar, said the Brief contained no detail of the government policy, only mentioning better co-ordination of the main divisions with them.

The five sections are regarded by policy analysts as a bastion of bribery that contradicts the politically elective, civilian-led administration of the governing NLD (National League for Democracy) which took office in April. Myanmar's de facto NLD de facto statewide head Aung San Suu Kyi has tried to diminish the powers of the nation's army in policy by pressing for changes in the country's constitutional system to diminish its impact and controls.

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