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Ministry of the Interior - Application for a southafrican visa

Visitor Tax Visitor Permits are for travelers (citizens of other countries) who are permanently resident outside Southern Africa and wish to temporarily travel to the Philippines for a 90-day or less stay for tourist or commercial use. The only indication on a visitor's Visa is that your request has been examined at a local Sudanese Ambassador, Missions or Consulates and that the official has decided that you may travel to the Philippines for a particular use.

Your passport allows you to go to a Southern Africa border harbor, where an immigrant officer will decide if you are permitted to come to South Africa and how long you can be there. Visitor are limited to the activities or the purpose for which their passport was granted.

When entering South Africa, a valid passport is a visitor's card. From the date of entering the territory, the duration of the authorisation will be counted and indicated on the passport sticker under the headline "Conditions". Entering the state may be denied if the purposes of the visits have not been properly indicated.

Visiting citizens' passport needs vary from state to state (click here to see which states are currently exempt), and needs may vary. Since each request is handled on a case-by-case basis, you should check with your local representative in your home state or another Ministry of the Interior Bureau to determine whether or not you need to obtain a permit.

Keep in mind that there is a charge for the issuance of a student ID card and you should ask the secretariat for the costs, as they are revised yearly. There are no passports in immigration centres in southern Africa and airlines' officers are required to enforce the use of them before boarding them.

In the event that you do not have a valid passport, immigrant officers are required to put you on a plane back to your home state. Foreign nationals with long-term residency rights (work permit/residence permit) in neighboring states who are crossing the Republic to resume their occupation or residency are not eligible for temporary visas, provided they are in possession of evidence of their state.

Visitor Visa can be issued for Southern Africa: Evidence of the funds to cover your cost of Living during your stay in Southern Africa in the from:: If you want to travel to South Africa, you will need the following: A certificate of cataract when your trip begins or leads through the Africa or Latin America Gelbfieberg├╝rtel.

Remember that there are certain goods that you cannot import into South Africa and other goods for which customs duty must be payed. The charges for issuing a visitors' visas within the meaning of 11 para. 1 of the Immigration Act are charged for holder of passports / passports of the following states if they are traveling with an usual one.

However, please be aware that a country with a star will only require a visitor's permit if the planned stay lasts longer than thirty (30) days:

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