Ministry of Foreign Affairs Myanmar Address

Myanmar Foreign Ministry Address

Govt - Government Office; Ministries. Estonian Honorary Consuls Myanmar. Foreign Ministry of the Republic of Serbia. Lwin, former Foreign Minister of Myanmar, to raise this issue.

HRH Prince Mohamed Bolkiah was appointed Foreign Minister of Brunei Darussalam.

In this case, the Foreign Ministry's signatures must be legalized by the Embassy.

In this case, the Foreign Ministry's signatures must be legalized by the Embassy. Please be aware that the Embassy has the right to refuse to legalize a text that is incorrect even though it has already been legalized by Myanmar's Foreign Ministry. Click here for information on legalization charges.

Declaration by the Foreign Minister on the Rakhine state in Myanmar issue

On 13 September, on the initiatives of Sweden and the United Kingdom, the United Nations Security Council met for an exceptional session on the Rakhine conflict in Myanmar. In recent few months the refugee status has worsened further and almost 400 000 refugees have been compelled to leave Bangladesh. UNICEF says 80 percent of these individuals are wives and kids.

Mr President, I am appalled by the continuing acts of force and the records of breaches of human freedoms. Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, the incidents of disproportional and overuse of force by the army and the police are extremely worrying. A thorough and impartial investigation of the violation of people' s freedoms must be permitted and those accountable must be brought to justice.

It is essential that the fact-finding missions set up by the UN Human Rights Council have the opportunity to gain entry to the area and to be able to get in touch with those concerned. Kofi Annan, the Rakhine State Advisory Commission, has made important proposals. Mr President, I welcome the UN Secretary-General's lead and his letters to the members of the Security Council of 2 September in which he urges further action to avoid further hardship in Rakhine and to step up the effort to avoid a further escalation there.

Today, Sweden has helped condemn the Rakhine violent situation, which has displaced tens of millions of people, called for an immediate de-escalation of force and stressed the importance of providing non-discriminatory human aid to the whole of Rakhin. The Swedish authorities will remain committed to keeping the Security Council informed of what is happening in Rakhine.

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