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Department of Electricity and Energy (MoEE). In addition, the government appointed a new Deputy Finance Minister and confirmed three new Deputy Governors of the Central Bank this week. Republic of Myanmar. As the world's population grows, it will need more and more food and energy. The official website of the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy.

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The Myanmar Petroleum and Natural Gas Company (MOGE) is a state-owned company authorized to carry out all aspects of the exploitation, extraction and transport of petroleum and natural resources in the Union of Myanmar's on- and off-shore areas. The Energy Planning Department (EPD) and Myanmaroil and gas enterprises under Ministry of Energy, Government of Myanmar is working on the tendering of on-shore, shallow waters off-shore, off-shore and off-shore drilling, concessions, exploration as well as extraction and sales of oils and gases in Myanmar.

Notification No. 1/70 was granted to Myanmar on February 28, 1970 to succeed all of Myanmar's former petrochemical industry and to fulfill all tasks related to the production, refinement and commercialization of crude on land and at sea. Myanmar Oils Corporation was split into three companies on April 1, 1975 according to its primary function: Myanmar Oils and Gaz Enterprises (MOGE) is managed by MD.

In Singapore, Myanmar, Thailand, India and Vietnam MiTA offers among others consultancy, investments and planning. One-stop Myanmar consultancy for entering the burgeoning Myanmar markets. Please see the SERVICE page for further information on our service. We also organise a range of Myanmar economic and capital markets meetings, conventions and trade shows that cover all of the above sectors.

Legislation and practice regulating businesses and capital expenditure are changing. This website provides information about Myanmar's law, operations and capital expenditures for general information purposes, and such information may be inaccurate, current and may be changed at any time; and we are not responsible for the adequacy or precision thereof.

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