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It has six departments under the Ministry of Education. The MSDE continues its new video series that highlights the critical career and technology education programs of our state. It is the Ministry of Education that directs the formulation and implementation of education policy. We help you find what you need to know about education in New Zealand. A New Zealand Ministry of Education education portal.

Department of Education (Science and Technology)

Myanmar's Ministry of Science and Technology was organised in April 2016 by the Ministry of Education (Myanmar) as the Ministry of Education (Science and Technology) (Burmese: ?????????????????? (???????????????????), short MOE-ST). He is currently the secretary in charge, Myo Thein Gyi. It has 57 universities, colleges and institutes.

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About Myanmar

It has six divisions under the Ministry of Education. You are the Mitarbeiter des B├╝ros, des Department of Higher Education, des Department of Basic Education, des Department of Myanmar Language Commission, des Department of Myanmar Board of Examinations und des Myanmar Educational Research Bureau (MERB). Office personnel of the Ministry of Education report to the Deputy Minister and the Minister.

You oversee the realization of the education programs, determine the education policy, are in charge of the financial plan in the ministry and in the human resources and management depart. It has 10 art and science schools, 3 professional schools, 5 technical schools, 13 technical schools and 1 language school with a total of 32 schools, technical schools and technical schools.

There are also six associated divisions such as the Central Library of the University, the Historical Research Bureau of the University, the Department of Applied Geology, the Workshop for Scientific Equipment, the Department of Printing Machines and the Department of Translation and Publication. The Pathein Degree College and the Sittway Degree College were promoted to higher education on September 18, 1996.

The Institute for Foreign Languages was also enhanced at academic levels. In addition, Pyay College and Meiktila College have been raised to the standard of universities of applied sciences. It is planned to open the Mandalay at Mandalay and Monywa Universities of Economics in Monywa and Taungoo Universities in Taungoo and to raise the Myitkyina degrees to higher education rank.

At Yangon Univeristy, PhD courses in chemistry, physics and mathematics are now offered. In addition, there are now PhD courses in Myanmarsar, Heritage, Geography, Zoology, Botany and Geology. At Yangon Universiy there are several doctoral courses. The Dagon University's statutes allow this institution to host a maximum of 60,000 people.

In view of the building of this college, the Chinese authorities had expended 3156 million Kyat from the years 1992-93 to October 1997. The Yangon Diamond Jubilee Celebration took place in December 1995 in the Convocation Hall of this college and was led by Lieut General Khin Nyunt, Chairman of the Myanmar Education Committee.

In addition, the Chinese authorities invested 630 million Kyat in the building of Yangon Diamond Jubilee Hall and Diamond Jubilee Park. In addition, the university's auditoriums, youth lodgings and leisure center have been extensively refurbished. Submissions from other colleges have been reworked to include classes that are now only available at YangonU.

In order to regulate the Academical and Administration matters of the various institutions, two Pro-Rectors are nominated for each institution. In accordance with Communication No. 23/Edu-2 (l) 96 (25/96) of 26 December 1996 of the Ministry of Education, Yangon Institude of Technology, Mandalay Institute of Technology and Computer Univ., the Ministry of Science and Technology has been entrusted with this task since 1 January 1997.

Since September 1997, the University of Foreign Language has been offering night language training in Chinese, Thai, Korean, Chinese, Arabic, German as well as Japanese. The Institute of Economics now offers every alumnus the opportunity to take a Diplom course based on the market-oriented industry with an entry examination. As regards higher education, technical schools were opened to improve the standing of higher education institutions.

Myanmar has been a member of the Association of South East Asian Nations since July 1997. She also became a member of the ASEAN University Netw. (AUN). In a first stage, Yangon University and Yangon University of Economics will be integrated into this group. Improving the human and moral wellbeing of all Myanmar's citizens, educating them to become better blue-collar workers not only in their bodily but also in their intellectual capacities, providing all Myanmar's citizens with initial education, defining a primary education policy and providing professional education for the prospective Myanmar, focusing on the sciences in order to enhance and enhance productive capacities, continuing higher education and creating a solid basis for in-completion.

Creation of an education system consistent with the state' s policy, economical and societal goals. Ensure that all pupils receive initial education, especially nursery schools, equality of opportunity for pupils who live in countryside and frontier areas, try to decrease ignoring in different areas of initial education, allow NGOs and civil society to participate within the framework of policies and provisions to improve education activity, try to improve teachers' learning abilities, expand extracurricular education activity, expand education research.

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