Mingalar Garden Hotel Pyay Myanmar

The Mingalar Garden Hotel Pyay Myanmar

A bungalow-style room around the artificial lake in the hotel district. The Mingalar Garden Resort is built around the natural spring lake. Check hotel rates and find the lowest price for Mingalar Garden Hotel in Pyay. The Aung Chan Tha Qt Pyay Myanmar Hotel. Bago Pyay, Myanmar.

Mingalar Garden Resort Hotel: Pyay: Mingalar Garden Resort Hotel

There' 180 leagues south of Yangon, about four hour driving. Approx. 10 min. by road from the coach terminal and 20 min. from the school. The above prices are per US$ including US$ US$ incl. breakfastbuffet, 10% fee for services and 10% statedues. The supplement for the obligatory Christmas and New Year's meal must be confirmed at reservation.

Pyay Hotel

The Mingalar Garden Resort and Resort is located in the Kyarpyan ("Flying Tiger") area in Pyar ("Prome"), about 180 northeast of Yangon. The antique town of the Pyu dynasty, Pyay has several places of interest in the area. Situated around the beautiful lakes of nature's springs and the shade of the tropic shrub.

Chen Thar Ward, Pyay, Myanmar. Inviting and occupying Myanmar, the English established several commercial centres on the banks of the Ayeyarwaddy River, which act as a direct transit path from northern to southern Myanmar. As a land full of nature's wealth, the English think about all sorts of ways to make a profit.

A branch on the east shore of the Ayeyarwaddy in Pyay was officially called Prome in settlement. With the name " Lucky Dragon ", Lucky means good fortum and Dragon is thought to be a very mighty animal in Sin. Chen Thar Ward, Pyay, Myanmar.

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Myanmar, Pyay, Kyar Pyan Link. The Mingalar Garden Hotel Prome is situated in a peaceful area on the outskirts of the city. Situated around the beautiful shores of the summer season, the 35 air-conditioned hotel rooms are well-equipped. Additionally, 24-hour room services are available.

There is a local eatery serving exquisite Myanmar and China food. It also offers a broad range of hotel facilities for our hotel visitors. Pyay, Myanmar.

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