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Pyay, Aung Chan Tha Qt, Myanmar phone: Mingalar Garden Resort offers rooms in bungalows around a lake. Aung Chan Tha Quarter, Pyay. The Mingalar Garden is located in Myanmar, Bago region, Pyay. The Mingalar Garden Hotel in Pyay, Myanmar.

Pyay and Taungoo Accommodation

The Lucky Dragon Hotel in Pyay has 3-star accommodations, an outside swimming and a whirlpool. It is located in the 55 hectare verdant, luxuriant Pyay (Prome) complex of kyarpyans, only 180 leagues from Yangon. You can also visit Pyay and Ayeyerwaddy River Pagoda Trails from the resorts.

The Myanmar Beauty Hotel II is a 30 minute stroll from the centre of Taungoo. Located 192 km from Kalaw.

Mingalar Garden Hotel or Boarding House

30, Inya Myaing Road, Bahan Township. Sorry for the absence of detail about this deal. You can rest assured that we will be updating this information as soon as the company releases a working website, email and telephone number. The Myanmar authorities particularly recommend this hotel. Please see "Visit Myanmar Guidebook" 2011.

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Pyay Hotels Information.

The Mingalar Garden Estate was established in 1996 and is housed in the 55 acres of verdant, luxuriant Pyay (Prome) Pyarpyan complex, just 180 leagues from Yangon. Contacts: Aung Chan Thar Quarter, Near Phayagyi Pagoda, Pyay, Bago Division, Myanmar. The Lucky Dragon Hotel is in Pyay and Pyay is 178 nautical mile or 286 km from Yangon, is reachable by road.

There are several train services a day from Yangon to Pyay on the first rail line constructed in Myanmar in 1877. 772 Strand Road, Pyay, Pyay, Myanmar.

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Located on the beach street west of the Ayeyarwaddy River. Near the overnight fair and easily reachable to explore the city. The Mingalar Garden Resort is located in the outskirts of Pyay (Prome), the old capitol of the Pyu empire, known as Thayekhitaya or Sri Ksetra. Located in the outskirts of Pyay (Prome), about 178 nautical mile from Yangon.

The Pyay is an accommodation city for long-distance travellers between Yangon and Bagan. Located in the centre of the city of Pyay (Prome), the old capitol of the Pyu empire, known as Thayekhitaya or Sri Ksetra.

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