Mingalar Garden Hotel Pyay

The Mingalar Garden Hotel Pyay

Myanmar, Mingalar Garden Resort-PYAY, Pyay. The Mingalar Garden Hotel in Pyay in Myanmar (Burma). The best offers for Mingalar Garden Resort in Pyay. The Mingalar Garden Resort, Pyay. From the guide I know that this is the best resort hotel in Pyay.

Mingalar Garden Resort, Pyay, Myanmar - enchanting and relaxed

When I was there, I spent five nights on my way to Pyay. Being in this place helps me to get rid of my stresses and the inconvenience. I enjoyed having my breakfasts by the swimming pools, sensing the outdoors and eating the big fat pelagic animals in the swimming pools. It has a delightful hotel layout with the small wood towers, surrounded by a beautiful landscape.

Though it' s a little pricey, I gave it a 4 star rating.

Myanmar Garden Resort - Myanmar Hotel Booking Center 2017

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Moingalar Garden Resort, Discount Pyay Offers

The Mingalar Garden Resort has 2 star rating in Pyay Airport - PRU - Pyay, 7.0 /10, "Good". It is about 0.8 km from Pyay Airport. Hotel: Gästeverwertungsergebnis: Gästeverwertungsnote von 10, rating from 30 Ratings von: Website: Desktopsite Mobile site Tablet site App:

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