????? ?????????? added a new photo - at Mingalaba Restaurant. The Mingalaba Restaurant in Burlingame does justice to a Chinese dumpling, and guests come here to enjoy a five-star menu. The Mingalaba Restaurant, The Brazen Head, ?ina. Would you like to visit the Mingalaba Restaurant in Burlingame? If someone reads Burmese, would they tell me if this text is spelled correctly?

Myanmar Mingalaba (That's Myanmar for Hello.... obviously)

Well, I suppose we can begin about 130 years ago when Myanmar (then known as Burma, the name was change in 1989 to Myanmar, it' s dubbed "Me-Yan-Mar") became one of many UK settlements for the first time. Myanmar is an unbelievably nice and varied land, which is still very authentically, especially because of the low westerly impact.

In 2011 the land has become a bit more sophisticated; bigger cities line roads, there is Wi-Fi in the airports (Wi-Fi is extremely scarce, the web is not very good, it does exist, but it is not strong). Today is her birth day.... in Thailand we meet during our trainings in our trainings in Thailand and she is a teacher in Yangon since October 2014.

There, we spend quality lodging in Yangon and in a more rustic village named Bago, about two hrs outside the towns. We rightly saw 15.... F I F T R T A N Pagodas in Bago, but that was just the beginning of our game. Myanmar was recently hit by disastrous floods when we reached Bago, we encountered submerged streets filled with dirty bay waters, which is just over a metre for you all.

Things went well because these two Myanmarese men asked us to stop and offer us a tour, so Karen and I agreed that normally I wouldn't just jump on the back of a chance bicycle, but everyone in Myanmar is really cute and inviting.... he also had candies.

We walked to one of the oldest pagodas in the worid, the Swedagon, unbelievably nice, now you don't misunderstand me pagodas are great, but like church and temple, if you've seen like three, you've seen them all. They can walk through and find some nice items, and tonnes of tonnes of mosquitoes.

But Myanmar is really nice, in its own way. For more information about Myanmar, google it.

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