Mingala Burmese Restaurant

Burmese Restaurant Mingala

Myanmar, Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options, Gluten Free Options. Restaurant Mingala - Order food online - 433 pictures & 180 votes - Burmese - Fremont, CA - Phone number - Menu Home-made Tom Kha has to. We wanted to try the other Burmese place, but it was shut on Tuesdays. Tea leaf salad ($9.99) is a basic foodstuff of Burmese cuisine in the USA.

They threw it on the dinner menu in other diners. Hens massala ($10. 99) was really delicious.

Used to love the braised hen and the herbs. That buttered paddy was interesting. He also had a great taste and went well with the hen. Well, not for sure, since we're not that used to Burmese cuisine. Although I've never eaten Burmese cuisine, I' m told it's genuine. In order to soothe our inner herbivores, the husband and I chose to eat some vegetable meal and chose the Mingala Restaurant as our ultimate goal.

Situated in a TENY, the restaurant is situated in a small and sparsely populated park. Inside, however, Mingala is roomy with large stands and desks. Mingala' s food is huge and offers plenty of choice, both for carnivorous and herbivorous people. A crunchy noodle was used to make the outside ring, while roasted pasta and sautéed vegetable stuffed the middle.

An ocean of stock was used to make the crunchy pasta softer and to season the vegetable. But we wish there wasn't so much gravy, because in the end it turned into really good stew and we liked the crunchy consistency of vermilion, which was unfortunately affected by the brut.

The starter also had a barrel of spicy gravy that would have gone very well with it. Surely Mingala is a jewel of Fremont! So I didn't know what to look forward to, but I didn't repent for having chosen this place for a dinner with the whole team.

I got hooky mees, which was my favourite meal because it was so tasty and I like the prawn, hen and pasta (dish could get a little salty). We' ve also prepared a poultry crème and an aubergine and beans meal in a certain gravy. I' ve had the beefy curried poached trip and it was delicious!!!

and the whole meal was full of taste. Said the proprietor was a Malay and his missus was Burmese, hence the mélange. It was good to eat chickpea, too. BOMB AF Malay/Indonese/Burmese is served in Mingala. It was Mingala. That'?s your Burmese seafood mule.

It can be eaten with or without pasta, and it is just as tasty. Curried chickens' coctopus and noodle. Wonderful pasta with eggs coated with fresh and piquant curried coconuts. It must be one of my favourite Burmese food. Traditional Malayan ricecourse with your favourite meats, as well as a variety of side orders such as eggs, groundnuts, cucumbers and sambals, a hot Malayan cooking favourite.

Is Beef Rendang. You order them with one side of paddy and you're done. Mingala' s fares and servings are absolutely appropriate and the seats are abundant. It was a very good hors d'oeuvre of bred and curried - it was roasted and pancakes like....... a lovely start! I' ve had the shrimps Sam Bal maatal with chilli sauce.

A very good restaurant! We' ve got the starter and the curry-mee-noodles. Pasta stock was enormous and $11 valuable - full of various vegetables, beef, bean curd, bean curd, eggplant and bean curd were astonishing when they were steeped in soup) and beef. But I could have just gotten the vice versión because they tastes the same, but the addition of hen was not flamboyant.

So how often do you check out a restaurant and give it another five-star? Mingala definitely deserved it. So I went to Mingala this year with a bigger group - was very hopeful to take them first. Afterwards we ordered basil roasted paddy with chicken Rendang, chicken Masala with chicken Rendang, chicken with whitewash, nasi Goreng - roasted redpratha.

As they had been serving the chickens massala at that point, we tried the Pratha with it. Like the owners, they are prepared with some homemade special homemade cream for the preparation of chickens mesala - it tastes good with the extra virgin ricepo. Although it was good, we chose it as the incorrect combination for the melted brown rices.

The butter was tasty, with lots of walnuts in it, it tastes even better. As I suspect it would have been a better combination with butter Rendang than Rendang, which we have anyhow. Roasted basil was a different way of preparing roasted chickens than the usual Thai dishes.

Usually the flavour is dominated by savouring it in a roasted red wine, but one mingala just had the flavour of red wine at the same moment we could really enjoy the other flavours we obviously had. It was a little sceptical to order the Nasi Goreng from India, which is a roasted vegetable-ice.

Usually we see potato and tomato used in Indian biriyanis, but never in roasted ricefres. Unsurprisingly, as they have done it, but the boss has done some sorcery to trap both in the roasted rice and still it still tastes marvelous. After that we went to order the desserts, but nobody could really eat any more and thought that we would try the roasted icecream on our next one.

Replaced I ordered curried ginger veal, with orkra, aubergines, tomato, brown cabbage, keep the spuds. Wasn' t it possible to order a side of roasted coconuts, even though I would be on my own diets! Crunchy and delicious redsauce! This herbsoup is very tasty.

Veal is soft and pickled. Me and my mom went to the Mingala Cafe on a Sunday afternoons and ordered 2 of the midday specialities, which you can order as meals if you like. L1: 3/5 plain rice: The butcher' s paddy came with a selection of meats and a side dish sauerkraut.

and it was wet and delicate. hn Noh Kaut Swell - 5/5: We knew we wanted pasta for our second course. The stock brew was good on the list, so we ordered it. You and I both used to love the consommé and the pasta.

If you like pasta and coir milks, I strongly suggest it. The pasta stock contained chopped eggs, curried hen and other vegetables. It is a neat, well illuminated restaurant and the waiting personnel are fantastic - fast refilling of teas and waters, and very willing to respond to any question we had about the cuisine.

Rendang Melaka Bell (beef knuckle, blended spiced curries, onion, galangale, chilli, cucumber) - the meat was so delicate and I liked the aromatic Currysauce. It was good that we ordered a side dish of sake, because it was really just veal and sauces. The Mohinga ( "fish stock, micelli, ginger, onion, eggs, onion, doughnuts, pei-cho, vegetable as a side dish) was not really a big supporter, because we thought the stock would be milder.

Turns out it was a harder kind of broth and I can't say I really tried a lot from the fishing area. They were too mellow and had the texture of pasta, which I usually reheat as residual. The fianc was intrigued by her but it was too strong because we were not very starving.

Serve with a little bit of olive and a little bit of caraway, garnished with roasted onions. Though it was acceptable and definitely tastier than plain paddy, but I wouldn't be paying $4/bowl for it. We' ve ordered the following dishes: - Roti Pratha - very delicious and crispy, not a poor selection - Burmese Masala chickens - poor selection - Belachan Kangkung - good selection - Chow Kuey Teow - too fatty and the poor prawn has slaughtered the court.

Pawpaja lettuce, seafood and chilli sauce.

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