Newest tweets and answers from Minesh (@mineshu). World War II Mines in Germany Plate Mine Shu Mine S mine. This is a system that encourages people to behave in order to create a better game AI. The majority of the precious metal mines are located in the townships of Mineshu, Mogoke, Phakhant and Kanti in the east and north of the country. The majority of the precious metal mines are located in the townships of Mineshu, Mogoke, Phakhant and Kanti in the east and north of the country.

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Agreement achieved on measures to end the Shan fight

Discussions over two whole working day between the Shan and a large Shan army group have led to an arrangement to end more than six wars and help an expected 10,000 individuals get back to their homeland. According to the settlement announced after the end of the Yangon meeting on 24 November, the Shan State Progress Party/Shan State Army-North will withdraw their troops from places near the road between the Naung/Mong Nawng Mine in Kyethi Province and the Shu/Mong Shu Mine in Shu Citieship.

"Whilst the SSPP/SSA is moving its forces up the road linking the Naung and Shu mines, the authorities will be withdrawing their forces from the south of the road where the battles are taking place," the declaration says. Both sides also undertook to work together and co-ordinate to help the village people who had been driven out by the struggles to get back to their home countries.

It is also planned to set up a contact point in Mine Nawng to end the fights in the areas controlled by the SSPP. In early October, the Tatmadaw launched bombing and gunfire, triggering parliamentary protest and peaceful demonstrations in towns such as Yangon and Mandalay this weekend.

Diplomates had voiced concerns that an escalating dispute would undermine President U Thein Sein's pledge to achieve a smooth transition of powers to the new administration after the November 8 election. It also states that the bi-lateral cease-fire agreed by the authorities and SSPP/SSA in January 2012 will be implemented to prevent further events.

There were no Yangon SARP officers available last night. However, a columnist at Wan Hai's FSPP HQ, who was attacked by Tatmadaw, said to the Myanmar Times today that the deal would be put into effect after the Yangon mission returns. Col. Sai Kham said the outpost had few forces in the mounds just down the southern shore of the Naung Mine to the Shu Mine.

Shu Mine, Mine Naung, Kyethi, Wan Hai and Tang Yang are affected by this. It also states that both sides will work together to reopen 17 closed colleges in the area. Two days of discussions on the side of the governments were joined by U Aung Min, head of the head of trade unions negotiators, U Thein Zaw, vice-chairman of the trade unions working committee, and Lieutenant General Yar Pyae, chairman of the Joint Monitoring Committee at trade unions committee.

Sao Khay Tai, the SSPP' s vice-chairmen, Sao Kham Ti and Sao Kyaw Hla, and three members of the Board of Directors were present. The SSPP had unsuccessfully sent several messages to the regime since the outbreak of the conflict on October 6, demanding an end to the wars.

SSPP/SSA, with an expected 4,000 combatants, belonged to several large militarized ethnical groups that declined to join the national cease-fire treaty concluded on 15 October between the regime and eight other groups. Co Sai Kham said there were no fights near Wan Hai last night, but others in the area denied that.

A member of the Shan Nationalities League for Democracy in Namsanownship, U Sai Zaw Win said he went to the Mine Shu mountains on 23 November to help migrants. From then on, the sounds of the struggles became more powerful in this area[25 November]," he said to the Myanmar Times.

Said the Naung Mine, where an estimated 2500 internally displaced people are seeking protection, was blocked for safety purposes.

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