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On this page you can find a gender breakdown of minephyate population statistics. Mining Township Ponparkyin Sub- Township Monehta Sub- Township Minephyat Township Mineyaung Township Mineyu Sub- Township Tantyan Township Nant Youne Mining Co.,Ltd. Mine phyate Mingalardone Minhla Moehnyin Moekaung.

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In collaboration with the Ministry of Public Works, the Shan State Government, the Myanmar Chefs Association and charities in Shan State, Tachelik provided free healthcare to people suffering from lip tears, palatal cleftness and various soreness.

Public healthcare was provided by German experts headed by Dr. Heinz Schoeneich and Myanmar and Tachelik General Hospital. Free healthcare will be provided until 7 March. Altogether 154 outpatients, among them 70 from Tachelik, 31 from Minephyat and 53 from Loikaw in the state of Kayah, will be treated.

In addition, the donators provide accommodation for the patient and their caregivers. Departmental and charitable workers, Mizzima and other organisations, and the Myanmar Maternal and Child Welfare Association supported people who suffered from the various diseases. Charities from Minephyat Townhsip and Tachelik Township provided funding for testing the bleeding of goitre people.

Global travellers visiting Myanmar via Tachileik Border Gateway

Myanmar is always visited by travellers from all over the world from the World' s gateway s/Border Gateway to see its cultural and lifestyle heritage, as well as its various tourist attractions and to learn about its different Nationalities. In 16245, from 13 April 2018 to 19 April, the arrivals of daily visitors through the Tarchileik-Borders.

Considering Minephyat-Kyeing Tone Tour, the number of visitors included most of the Thai and third nationals were 116, visitors through visa were 129. The most returning visitors visit various places in Tachileik such as the Talok market, the King Bayintnaung statue, the Maharmyatmuni pagoda, the Shwedagon pagoda, the national landmark, the Akhar market and the Chinese community temple.

Overnight visitors visit Buddha's Footprintsupa, Mahamyatmuni in Kyaingtone, Hoko Temples, Wat Inn Temples, Swoon Taung Temples, KyawmSaria Temples, KyawmSaria Temples, Jankone Monasteries, Salian Monasteries, Standing Buddha Image, Thittapingtaung - Kabaraye Temples etc. n Minephyat. There were 40155 visitors returning from April 13, 2018 to October 19, as the Minephyat-Kyaingtione route was 497 and the tourist visas that travelled by plane from Tachileikto were 522.

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