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pan-tahole mine (Pan-ta-hoe; Pan-da-oo; Pan Da 0o mine), Loi-sau hill (Gaba-ant-bwe Taung), Mogok township, Pyin-Oo-Lwin district, Mandalay region (Mandalay Division), Myanmar

The situation is approximately, estimation bases on other near places. Pegmatites in the south slopes of Mount Loisau (Gaba Ant Bwe Taung, Ant Pywe Taung), NE of Mogok. PLEASE NOTE: It is highly likely that phenacites from this town are incorrectly labeled and come from the phenacite mine near the Khetchel town in the township of Momeik, Shan State.

These locations are for references only. Harlow, G.E. & Harthorne, F.C. (2008): Mogok, Myanmar, Herderit, and compared with Hydroxyl-Herderit from Ehrenfriedersdorf, Germany.

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