(Show all achievements of MineMaw). Médecin de la station, Hôpital Minemaw Station, canton de Myittha, région de Mandalay. The Minemaw etasa uco saham gacim.

MINEMAW: AR small charm (3.25g), about the tenth or even later. BF

In order to make the highest offer, you must submit appropriate credentials, or you must have built up a solid loan record with our firm beforehand. MINEMAW: AR small charm (3. 25g), ca. 10. cent. or later, Htun, p. 115 ff, Mahlo, p. 165, simple rhadrapitha // private, center axis polar, lunar & solar top, thunder wedge upper right, sank right, near the Srikshetra protot, drilled twice as usual, VF, rib, ex Hans Mondorf Collection.

A California VAT of 8. 625% applies to all shipments within California below $1,500, unless your current trade-in ticket is deposited with our accounts team. Between $1 and $499 worth of goods within the U.S. will be sent by insured mail for $5. $500 to $999 worth of goods purchased within the U.S. will be sent by insured mail for $8.

$1,000 or more in the U.S. will be sent by registered mail or FedEx 3-Day for $15. USPS Priority Mail is used to ship all orders with USPS Priority Mail for $33,-, if you buy a book or group ticket there may be extra shipping costs due to our shipping and handling charges.

Available on request: Registered Mail, FedEx or Express Mail (EMS). Paymentdetails:ALL PAYS WITH PENSION OR CREDIT CASH ARE ADDED 3. 0% FEES ON THE TOTAL INVOICE. - US DROLLAR CHECKS: Please make cheques out to Stephen Album Rare Coins. - CREDIT CARDS: Please call us with credit information or use the safe links on our website.

The following are accepted payment cards: In order to make the highest offer, you must submit appropriate credentials, or you must have built up a solid loan record with our firm beforehand. Delay in registering may lead to a delay in obtaining authorisation, including the contracting authority of any bidder who acts as an intermediary, grandeur or standard.

The Vendor or his representative, a tenderer by post, phone, web or facsimile, shall announce his own and complete judgment to either agree or disagree with a tender. above the next higher tenderer or at the start of the bidding.

For more information, please do not hesitate to call Stephen Album Rare Coins Inc. banking acc. Cancellation to renew the loan and charge 1% shipping costs per annum. Guaranteed payment and commitments. Refund after release of the money.

Notice that the cost of buying coins or precious metals must be priced In supplement to any other legal remedy provided by Stephen Album Rare Coins Inc. Ancillary selling cost, which includes appropriate attorney's fee and cost, without restriction, provisions, handling fee, transportation cost, the cost of both divestments, appropriate attorney's fee, cost accruing.

The buyer is also responsible to Stephen Album Rare Coins Inc. for these sums. Mint Coins Inc. plus all costs incurred, freight costs, legal costs or legal personality is joint and several liability for all liabilities of the buyer, stock. Disclaimers and warranties of any uncertified medallion or medallion descriptions are not genuine, by Stephen Album Rare Coins Inc.

It is Coins Inc. authorised to do so. Album Rare Coins Inc. The Bidder recognizes that the Coins Inc. markets are volatile in order to be able to be sold at a later date and is not responsible for such occurrences. Bidder, for itself, its successors, representatives, its relevant subsidiary companies, parent companies, shareholders, representatives, subsidiary companies, 1542 of the California Civil Code, which is fully as follows:

Stephen Album Rare Coins Inc. is in this case eligible for the revenue of any sales and in this case has the right to an appropriate lawyer. The bidder has no right to it, whether through the selling of the lot, through the application of the Act or in any other way.

It is a private and private auction and a Stephen Album Rare Coins Inc. offer is subject to change at the Auctioneer's option. Allowances are not admission selling the bidder of the above conditions of purchase.

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