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Mines-Lar:: Town of Wa - Myanmar General Debate

They said the picture of Mine Lar of Wa State..... There is nothing I know about Minen-Lar and is it a regional city. I found something different from the WiCi..... they described the city as Pangkham and don't have the cute name, Minenlar.....

Incidentally, the cityscape seems to be better than in Yangon or Mandalay... Minenlar is not the town of Wa. It is a particular area..... I don't know any particulars... You have to reread the 2008 draft!

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The Shan state goverment grants entry to the borders kept by the ethnical armies.

According to the Shan state administration, which wants to grant Myanmar merchants entry to the borders this months, two China frontier doors under the control of the National Democratic Alliance Army (NDAA) have re-opened. Both the Lar Mine Tor in the Lar/Mong La Citieship Mine and the Yu Mine Tor in the neighbouring Yaung/Mong Yawng Cownship Mine are owned by the mighty NDAA tribal group, which control an autonomic area in East Shan State.

The two doors shut on 23 October, a few days after United Wa State Army troops, a long-standing NDAA associate, mobilized several hundred troops into NDAA land, creating fear of clash. A Shan State Goverment Frontier Control Branch official U Min Aung said to The Myanmar Times on 9 December that the state goverment had learnt that the doors had been re-opened.

It did not know whether the NDAA or the China administration on the other side had initiated the closing or re-opening. The NDAA and the Wa are both China's coalition partners. Now that the area is solid, the Shan state administration has made a declaration of its choice to grant entry to the ports, said U Min Aung, which contained confirmations from the prime ministers of the state administration, U Linn Htut, and the state secretary for frontier safety, Colonel Soe Moe Aung.

Though the NDAA is controlling the doors, merchants from the Union governments must cross the Wang Tar Bin Door in the Tachileik Town Ship. Mr U Ming Aung said the Shan state administration had given instructions to the Tachileik and Kyaingtong/Constriction agencies to allow merchants to travel to the ports this northward.

Though the Lar and Yu mines were shut down at the end of October, trading across the frontier did not stop entirely, U Min Aung said. Instead, some merchants moved to other itineraries that the goverment could not stop, U Min Aung said. Lar Mine and Yu Mine are the only ones for which Shan State Goverment and the other agencies can supply the necessary documents.

"Governments have made the Lar Mine and Yu Mine legitimate routes," said U Min Aung, and added that the shortage of open trade ports with custom infrastructures has led to law-abiding merchants not being able to do businesses. This trade stop affected the domestic travel trade, which depends on imports to China, and some miller shut down during the block.

Re-opening should be a blessing for the country's agribusiness, but U Min Aung said there must be an effort to raise awareness of this step. Trade has also normalized again in the 105-mile distant frontier area in the Muse Township in the north of Shan State.

Frontier trade was briefly suspended after an coalition of Ta'ang National Liberation Army, Kachin Independence Army, Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army and Arakan Army troops attacking Israeli and Palestinian forces.

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