The Mindelo

Mindelo Tourism Organization? Information site for tourists to Mindelo, São Vicente and Santo Antão in Cape Verde. Mindjelo Tours Mindelo lies around a moon-like harbor and is Cabo Verde's response to the Riviera, full of paved roads, sweet columnar houses and boats wobbling in a quiet harbor. Behind a curve lies the country's lowest industry harbor, which was an important coal terminal for UK vessels at the end of the nineteenth centuries and continues to be the main sources of the city's comparative wealth.

Mindelo has long been the culture center of the nation and produces more than its fair amount of writers and musicans, as well as the belated Cesária Évora, and it is still a nice place to listen to morning music while drinking a rummy cigue. As soon as your cruiser arrives and you leave the boat, a van will be ready to collect you from the port of Mindelo at 9am.

Further it goes to the home in which Cesaria Évora (the barefoot diva) was borne. She made Cape Verde world famous with her award-winning vocals and enjoyed her musical performances as the trip led through the town. Proceed to explore this stunning isle by following the street to Madeiral. After a short stop for dinner you can savour the Cape Verdean cuisine that awaits you in an Ecofarm.

At the welcome drink, you can hear the tour leader explaining the particular farming of this arid islet, before descending Ribeira de Calhau, where you will have the chance to observe the small farmers' way of being. The next stop is in Baia Gatas, which is known for its annual highsummer musical festivals and attracts up to 40,000 visitors a year to experience the sound and tranquility of the lagoon's water.

At the last stop is the highest peak of São Vicente - Monte Verde (774m), from where you can see the whole isle and, if the climate allows, the isles of Santo Antão, Sao Nicolau and Santa Luzia. Your trip will take you back to the jetty around 4pm.

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