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It is a port city in the northern part of the island São Vicente on the Cape Verde Islands. It is located on the island of São Vicente. It is the cultural capital of Cape Verde. Discover the Mindelo holidays and discover the best times and places to visit. In the Atlantic Ocean, Mindelo, Portuguese Porto Grande, city and main port of Cape Verde.

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It is a seaport [2] in the north of the São Vicente Islands in Cape Verde. It is also the headquarters of the Nossa Senhora da Luz community and the community of this isle. It is home to 93% of the island's total inhabitants. In Mindelo you will find colorful and lively carnivals with origins in Portugal tradition.

Mindelo settled in 1793 by the Portuguese[3]:34 It became a storage facility for British East India Company vessels in 1838, followed by the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company in 1850. In 1858 the village became a city and had 1,400 residents. In 1884 a sea wire was installed between Europe, Africa, India and North America, making Mindelo an important communication center for the British Empire.

Mindelo town centre, seen from Gud' Mindelo, is located on Porto Grande Bay, a large marina. Évora airport is located 9 km south-west of Mindelo, near the town of São Pedro. There are ferry services from the harbor to Santo Antão. The Mindelo area has a dessert environment (classified as BiWh according to Köppen and Geiger's system) that is strongly reminiscent of Santa Cruz de Tenerife or Las Palmas in the Canary Islands, with the exception that it is slightly hotter in cold winters.

Mindelo has an avarage of 23.6 °C (74 °F) per year. There are several Mindelo hotel, restaurant and travel agency services. Mindelo had 70,468 residents at the 2010 Population Survey. This is the second biggest town in Cape Verde after Praia. Mindjelo has several sporting associations, including the town, Académica, Corinthians and Derby are associations that cover the whole isle.

In the Polivalente de Amarante in the south-west, you can play football, baseball, volleyball as well as soccer. wikivoyage has a guidebook for mindelo.

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