Bangladesh (Township, Myanmar) with population statistics, maps, map and location. Receive the Minbu weather forecast. Big savings on hotels in Minbu, Myanmar online. MĂ­nbu is located on the western shore of Irrawaddy, near the oil fields of Yenangyaung (Upper Burma). If you find any address on the map of Minbu or calculate your itinerary to and from Minbu, you will find all the sights and Michelin Guide restaurants in Minbu.

Mud volcanoes Minbu - Minbu, Myanmar (Burma)

Minbu's small city is no exception: the scarce geologic deposits of volcanic sludge are always a landmark, and the sparkling, fluid debris of Minbu is no different. Sludge volcanos are produced from methanic gas entrapped deeply underground, which is pressed to the surfac. At times, the pressures squeeze through the groundwater level and merge with the loam or sludge in the surroundings to form a "volcano" like in Minbu.

In contrast to normal volcanos, there is no heater, and indeed the sludge is chill. Minbu looks like the lunar expanse (if the spacecraft had an energetic geology) with several openings gushing out of constantly rising crater in the soil. It is worshipped by the local people as a place of worship, who have the traditions that the volcanos are driven by kites in the depths of the world.

Minbu Slurry Volcanoes have to take off their boots, but this vulcanic environment will not cause anyone's legs to be burned.

Mud volcanoes of Minbu (Naga Bwet Taung)

We made the long (and very slow) way to Magway (Magwe) today to make a stop before we drive to the Bagan Temples in the morning. Well, first of all the busses from Pyay do not go directly to Bagan and secondly we hear that there are some mud volcanoes near Minbu. Pyay is a 6 hour drive as the streets are single-lane and the busses stop all the time to pick up passengers.....

Opposite Magway is a small village known as Minbu, which you can reach by motorcycle taxis. The little-known but chilly view of the mud volcano we wanted to discover. They are known as Naga Bwet Taung, which means "dragon breath". Much more comes to the fore when you see the view, as it really becomes a Buddhistic one.

As you enter, you must offer some sacrifices to the stony dragon to domesticate the mythic animal from which these volcanoes of sludge seem to come in the deep. It is worth a stop, because it is one of the few places of interest in this very small city on the way to Bagan.

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