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The Myanmar Information Management Unit (MIMU). Multisectoral desk review of vulnerability in Myanmar: The Myanmar Mother and Child Welfare Association. Burma Kyat (currency) ( ()). Location names from GAD with transliteration by MIMU.

MIMU | Myanmar NGOs

Burmese NGOs hold regular meetings to better coordinate and up-date their experiences and work on the ground. United Nations agencies and INGOs periodically delegate their delegates to the meetings. The biweekly event is very important and useful for all NGOs and CBO's in Myanmar, as it is the only forum for them to exchange and keep up to date their work, experiences and information and to look for ways for joint implementation of joint actions and work.

Further common initatives of these gatherings are the Myanmar NGO Emergency Plan and its Clusters Groups, the DRR Working Group and ad hoc actions such as the choice of MIMU Advisory Board members and the exchange and coverage of the work of the ASEAN People's Forum. It has been organised, supported and chaired by a group of Burmese NGOs known as the ³cMeeting Management Committee³d since 5 February 2013, as it is owned by all Burmese NGOs, and includes small, mid-sized and large NGOs, CSOs and even self-help groups.

Currently, 10 organisations are participating in the Management Committees, an open comitee that shares the tasks related to the session. Since October 2008, the SNGOs have met twice a months. The sessions were organised and funded by the Capacity Building Initiative (CBI) until it was agreed in February 2013 to allocate responsibility among Myanmar's NGOs.

Anyone interested is welcome to take part in this event. Please feel free to e-mail or call us for information for local NGOs. Venue:

Catastrophe prevention sector | MIMU

In 2008, the DRR WG was established during the early recuperation period of Cyclone Nargis to assist the government and municipalities in promoting catastrophe resistance in Myanmar. DRR AG has since developed into one of the most varied and vibrant network in the DRR, currently encompassing 53 consultancies, among them the UN, NGOs, NGO's and trade associations working for the DRR.

DRR AG is headed by an eleven-member steering committee comprising three UN organisations, three multinational NGOs, three grassroots NGOs, the Myanmar Red Cross Society and one work group. The Director General of the Relief and Resettlement Division (RRD), the Catastrophe Relief and Relocation Division and the NDMWC (National Disaster Working Committee) Secretary's Office is the DRR Working Group's Volunteer Chairperson.

Its Sub-Sector Working Group (DRR SSWG), which is jointly led by RRD and UNDP, consists of a member of an multinational organization, a grassroots NGO, a trade organization and the Myanmar Red Cross, who are also members of the CRW. Strengthening the political and institutional frameworks for the DRR; building the capacity of civil servants to deploy the DRR and involve the DRR in the process of implementation; supporting the authorities in developing a community-based civil protection mitigation facility and a PRSP; involving and strengthening the capacity of NGOs working on the DRR; strengthening the capacity of NGOs to coordinate the DRR-WG internally in order to provide efficient assistance to the authorities.

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