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Map of Mimu

Using a monocular camera, we create a metric map and identify locations on the map to provide location restriction for the integrating system. MIMU ("Myanmar Information Management Unit"), map Id: ((GAD) Translated by MIMU info.mimu@undp. org www.themimu.

info. Map of the libraries of the Beyond Access Myanmar project. Map, nearby places and general information about Mimu.

Chins | MIMU

The country is the second smallest country with an approximate number of inhabitants of 0.47 million (2011 data) and a total of 13 persons per sqkm. Seventeen percent of the local inhabitants are living in city areas, the other 83 percent in country areas. China is one of Myanmar's impoverished states/regions, and acute livelihood problems, together with their other implications such as public healthcare and immigration, have been important preoccupations.

Intervention has often been hindered by logistic problems of movement to and from different provinces due to the geography of the Chinese state.

A 3W card for all organisations in all industries.

A 3W map opens showing the local authority map of all organisations taking part. zooming into the map to see which single agents are available in each township, community and town. To toggle a plane on or off, click on the plane name below the'Overlay'.

In order to see the map of the local area of 3 W, please click on the'local area 3 W' below the'base level', the map of the local area 3 W becomes the map of the local area. On a local wing plane, the colour red indicates the total area covered at the local wing plane and the number of the organisation appears after the zoom.

Organizational name is displayed as a zoomed map. To see the organisations working in a particular industry, please refer to the industry-specific map of 3G. Civic Center 3W: Map of all the organisations taking part at Civic Center levels in all areas. Dorage Track 3W: 3D map for all organisations taking part at the local community and in all areas.

3W Village: 3W map for all organisations taking part at local authority sector by sector. Basic maps: MIMU/WFP (scale 250k), Natural Earth. The map shows information as submitted to MIMU by participant organisations. The Humanitarian Country Team (HCT) does not support the organisation or its work.

Use the mousewheel to move forward to enlarge. Road, Railroad, Toowns are displayed in zooming steps. In order to zooming out, move the mousewheel backwards. If you want to zooming to the desired area, press and hold down the toggle switch, left-click on the map and drag the pointer to paint a square field. Let go of the lefthand mousebutton and the map changes the size of the zooming according to your area.

If you want to change to another level, choose the selection under Base level. In order to turn the overlay on and off, choose the level under Underlay.

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