Military Museum Naypyidaw

Naypyidaw Military Museum

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Naypyidaw, Myanmar Defence Museum, Air Force On Display

Its most interesting part was to see the different types of airplanes. Its dimensions are the breathtaking characteristic of this "museum", in which the more than thirty airplanes play an almost inane part! Between the section of the Luftwaffe, the section of the Navy (which contains a sea for the ships) and the section of the army there are many kilometers of journeys and several highways.

There' s a solid piano devoted to the Luftwaffe, the army and the navy, or which any ministry can fill. Next to the Luftwaffenmuseum there is a statical exhibition of airplanes. It' not easily accessible, but it's rewarding for any military historian or anyone who studies Myanmar's diverse past.

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The card cannot be displayed at this moment. Giant, gigantic hallways and rooms, this museum is definitely something for you. This is a nice show of airplanes. In fact, the armored part of the earth is a fine representation of the country's past. From nice and well presented with good descriptions. There is also taking your longest to explore, and unusual advantages in the land, it's free!

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The Nay Pyi Taw has an imposing defense museum; the 603 hectare site is located on a gently sloping hillside in the northeast of the town. A great colonnade display of architecture with a beautiful views over the town and country with a background of the Shan Hill. It is divided into 3 major areas, the army, the navy and the air forces.

There is an early story of the Army section from the times of the former monarchs, but the majority of the items on display range from the foundation of the armed forces to the present days. All around the museum are some of the old and newer military machines, aircraft such as spitfires, armour, cannons and ships.

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