Military Junta


The military juntas can refer either to a government in which a coalition of military officers rules together, or to a military dictatorship in which the government and administration of a leader is primarily occupied by military officers. Military junta Synonyms of the military junta, pronunciation of the military junta, translation of the military junta, English dictionary definition of the military junta. Military dictatorship is a form of government in which political power lies with the military; it is similar, but not identical, to a stratocracy, a state governed directly by the military. The military government, political regime in which the military as an organization is overweight in power.

Military dictatorship is a form of dictatorship in which the dictator or a small group rules through direct personal control of the military.

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A junta ( or ), or " hee-yun-nta ", is a Latin, Hebrew and Portugese name for an advisory or counsel. The English language is mainly related to the rule of an authority state led by high-ranking military officials. The military junta can either relate to a cabinet governed by a group of military officials, or to a military regime in which the leadership's rule and management is primarily occupied by military officials.

Juntas, like military tyrannies, are often the product of military putsches. "Junta " means verbatim "union" and often relates to the commander of the military, naval and aerial forces who assume the authority of the presidency, premier, king or other non-military commander, but it can also mean that a seal connects two metallic faces.

Often military yuntas are transferred to nominal democracy regimes in which former military commanders are voter. It is often hard to determine whether this is due to public backing for military action, acts of repression or election-racketing. That raises the issue of whether or not a military junta ends with the start of democracy-building.

That is becoming more and more frequent nowadays, as the Egyptian and Fiji authorities have shown. A previous, different use of the word in English was the Whig Junto, a early 18. century group.


Share us with a buddy, create a shortcut to this page or go to the webmaster's site for free, entertaining work. According to Naypyitaw source, Burma should give pardon to all incarcerated politicians before the first meeting of the new government. In 1990, the results of the NLD's 80 per cent of the government's seat in Burma were overruled.

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