Military Dictatorship in Burma

Burmese military dictatorship

The Shwe facts and information. against the Burmese military junta. G.E. Harvey said in his book British Rule in Burma about Burmese life in general;

i.e.,. Richard Cockett, Foreign Policy For the Rohingya, said Burma's new democratic government is no better than the old dictatorship. The Myanmar military junta is making it difficult to know what is happening in the country.

Myanmar in the twilight between democracy and dictatorship

Half a hundred years of military dictatorship have ended in Burma or Myanmar. However, six years ago, the military system was turned into a nominal civil government. In order to formalise its power, the party's first act of legislation was to establish the post of "state advisor", who, according to deputy Khin Maung Myint, would be "the head of the president", "who can supervise the President and all cabinet members".

It was necessary because the military declined to withdraw the provision that excludes Suu Kyi. One fourth of the parliament's seat is ensured by the drafting of its own constitutional system, which Tatmadaw, as the military is called, is able to stop any change. Myanmar's fate demands that Suu Kyi and the NLD continue to press for modest reforms while gaining the military's faith, if not theirs.

Burma is still a desperate country despite its huge potentials. Burma's latest Economic Freedom of the World Index has brought Burma to a gloomy 146 out of 157 nationalities. State authoritarianism will continue. Human Rights Watch last year said that "the reforms have stalled". Burma was not free and went backwards for Freedom House.

It must liberalise freedoms of expression and association, the free movement of the press, on-line activities, legal proceedings and penal proceedings. Burma is still a country in flames. Despite the fact that most communities have cease-fires with their governments, conflicts continue with some. We will not be long before frustration comes amidst political practice, which includes tough commercial, ethical, labour and religion issues.

Whilst much more is needed to build a free and free societies, Washington should further loosen penalties to rewards the advances made so far. With the military continuing to work on Myanmar's transition, the remaining constraints should be removed in the next few moths. Myanmar once competed for the world' s least ruled national.

Myanmar is not yet fully democracies, but it is no longer a dictatorship. Burma deserves America's help on its way to a free and free world.

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