Situated in the northwest of Victoria, Australia, Mildura is a regional city. Wellcome to the rural council of Mildura. The Murray Darling wine region attracts visitors to Mildura with its lively cultural scene and delicious gastronomic experiences. Maple: Maple, city, Victoria, Australia, on the Murray River near its connection with the Darling. Mildura borders the Outback and is surrounded by citrus groves and vineyards, offering endless sunshine, good food and wine and lots of outdoor fun.

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Mildura lies on the shore of the beautiful Murray River and has something for everyone. We have luxurious house boats for drifting, as well as links to famous international nature reserves such as tennis courts, canoes, golfs and more. Fast boats, jets, wakeboarding, ski, racing, we have everything.

Discover Mildura from the sky, from the sea, from the red soil from which the area takes its name. Locate a remote place by the riverside, observe the sun set and then await the magic show to begin. Rise the next day and observe the mallee-style dawn.

There is a children's aquapark in a breathtaking landscape and we are the gateway to the outer back. Start from Mildura and discover Mungo, the Pink Lakes of Murray Sunset National Parks. Easy, easy, quick, rivers, land.

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Situated in the northwest of Victoria, Australia, Mildura is a small town.... Mildura lies on the viktorian side of the Murray River and had 33,444 inhabitants in 2016. The Mildura is an important center of horticulture, characterized by its wine growing, which produces 80% of Victoria's wine. Many vineyards also purchase from Mildura.

The Mildura has a long tradition in growing oranges and grapes. The origins of the name Mildura are the subject of several differentories. Mildura' s Ă©tymology is not certain, however, because in some locals the words mill and dura have different meaning. Aborigines used to live near Mildura because of the abundance of nourishment.

From 1877 to 1884, a great Victorian aridity caused Alfred Deakin, then Secretary of State and Chair of a Royal Commission for the Provision of Waters, to travel to California's irrigated areas. It destroyed the ranchers, especially those living just to the south of the Murray. In the aftermath of the Napoleonic Wars, Mildura saw a large flow of immigrants, particularly from the Mediterranean and Europe, Italy and Greece among them.

There was a contentious suggestion in 2004 by the Viktorian government to construct a state Long Term Containment Facility (LTCF) for industrial wastes in Nowingi, some 50 km southern of Mildura. LTCF's adversaries were pleased to accept the task of the LTCF suggestion, not only in the Mildura area and elsewhere in Victoria, but also across the frontier in Southern Australia, where there were concerns that the poisonous wastes might damage the image, if not the material, of the Murray River and thus the fruit-growing industry of the Riverlands and Murraylands.

Located on the Murray River's southwest shore, Mildura is set on plain countryside with no hill or mountain, and is bordered to the western, northern and eastern parts by beautiful Billabong and Lake Billabong areas such as Lake Hawthorn, Lake Ranfurly and Lake Gol Gol. A number of cities encircle Mildura on the shallow plain, Merbein to the west and Irymple and Red Cliffs to the souths, which can be regarded as suburbs or satellites divided by small sections of open cropland.

The Mildura is a largely low and dense metropolitan area, highly reliant on privately owned transport vehicles. Situated at the north end of the city, directly on the Murray River, the city' s commercial center is the heart of the city. Mildura' s major thoroughfare is Langtree Avenue with a footpath and commercial area.

Mildura Central Mall is situated at the other end of the city, on the corners of Fifteenth Street and Deakin Avenue. Among the highest are the 1934 two-story Old Mildura Base Hospital, the two-story Marina Dockside Appartments finished in 2010, and the three-story Tower/Spire of the 1920s T&G edifice.

On February 5, 2011, Mildura recorded 155 millimeters (6. 1 in) of precipitation per day, a peak of 155 millimeters. Vineyards grown in December 2006 in Mildura. Also known as the center of Victoria's Food Bowl, Mildura is a leading manufacturer of fruit juices (especially oranges) and wines. Many vineyards also purchase from Mildura.

The Mildura is part of the fruit fly exclusion zone, where fruit or vegetable may not be brought into the area (but may be removed). Tourist industries in Mildura cost 210 million dollars. Mildura' s quiet location makes it perfect for warm balloon flights and the Mildura International Balloon Festival draws many people.

The comprehensive redesign of Mildura Central (formerly Centro Mildura) in 2005 placed the center as the most important commercial location in the Sunraysia area. The Mildura Central is also the only fully self-contained, air-conditioned center in the area, offering a retailing blend with the presence of a number of domestic boutiques. Mildura Central serves a prime trading area populace of 60,000 inhabitants and also welcomes non-trading area users, such as Riverland, Swan Hill, Robinvale and Broken Hill.

There is a big target, a big W on the side of Mildura Central, a 19-aisle Woolworths and a Coles Super Market opposite. Mildura' s Victorian site and continued strength of lobbying [20] at the community level have led the Victorian government to look to the town as a potential center for decentralization programmes for the community and industries.

Mildura has always been home to a wide range of painters, authors and creatives. Organizations such as the Red Cliffs Musical Society, Eisteddfod, Mildura Ballet Guild, and Mildura Country Music Festival have contributed to increasing the recognition of homemade talents and creating a better world. At the heart of this fellowship is the Mildura Art Centre, which began as a galleries room in Rio Vista House in the 1950' s and was fully founded in 1956 with the construction of a new local fine artist's centre and stage.

The new Mildura art centre was opened in 2012 after a two-year building period. Among the remarkable personalities from Mildura are: Is currently playing for the Essendon Football Club in the Australian Football League. Jo Waters Superbike driver, Suzuki factory driver for 2014, champion of 2 Brands Hatch BSB races, July 20, 2014. Among the locals are the Sunraysia Daily, Mildura Midweek and Mildura Weekly.

The Mildura Independent Star and RIVER1467AM are online newscasts. ABC Television (ABC1), SBS Television (SBS ONE), Prime7, WIN Television, Mildura Digital Television, 7Two, 7mate, GO! are among the most popular TV channels. The Mildura team has nine Australia Rules clubs participating in the Sunraysia League; Imperials, Mildura, South Mildura, Irymple, Robinvale-Euston, Wentworth, Merbein, Red Cliffs and Ouyen United.

The Mildura Junior Football Leagues range from under 10 to under 16 years of age. Here you will find the Junior Football Leagues. The Mildura Roller Derby is a thriving sports in the area, with Mildura with its own Roller Derby Football Leagues, the squad competes in tournaments around Victoria and will host a competition in Mildura at least once a year.

Sunraysia Rugby League is also located in Mildura and has six older men's football clubs fighting for the Premier League. The Rugby League games are held from May to September. SCA is made up of 8 clubs: Coomealla-Wentworth, Merbein South, Irymple, Mildura East, Mildura Settlers, Mildura West, Nichols Point and Workers-Gol Gol.

Sunraysia Association operates in fall and fall and has six basketball leagues; Hawks, Saints, Eagles, Wanderers, Tigers and Tornadoes were founded in 2010. Also in Mildura basketball has a large fan base with hundred of crews in all divisional areas registered in the Sommerliga of the Mildura Basketball Association.

Mildura also has a large fan community of club footballs (football), with a favourite youth and seniors division playing in the snowdrifts. There are six leagues, including Three Colours, Mildura City, Mildura United, Irymple Knights, Nichols Point and Northern Suns. It is a very competitive city.

There are several circuits in the county for various kinds of motorcycle sport, among them the Mildura Kart Club [46] (go-kart racing), the Timmis Speedway[47] (automobile speedway), the Olympic Park Speedway[48] (motorcycle speedway), the Sunset Strip[49] (1/8 miles dragging racing) and the North West Victoria Motorcycle Club. Mildura TT Circuit housed the Australian TT in the 1950'.

Located at the junction of the Sturt Highway from Adelaide to Sydney and the Calder Highway to Melbourne via Bendigo. Mildura' s major road, Deakin Boulevard, is known as Australia's longest even alley, at 12 years of age. 13 ] Sunraysia bus lines, BusBiz and Dyson's Buss Dienstleistungen run V/Line buses connecting Mildura with various parts of Victoria and South New South Wales.

Victoria's third largest airport[52], Mildura is served by three QantasLink connections per diem to Melbourne (with four connections on Thursday and Friday), three Regional Express Airlines connections per diem to Melbourne and Regional Express connections per diem to Adelaide, Sydney and Broken Hill. There is one per diem of Virgin Australia flying in each lane between Melbourne and Mildura.

A small group of mercy sisters from Wentworth came to Mildura in 1905 and founded a monastery in a weather hard disk edifice on the corners of Pine Avenue and Tenth Street. In 1906, when the Sisters of Mercy began teaching in rooms connected to the former monastery on Pine Avenue, they began attending high school in Mildura.

St. Joseph's College's first building at its present location was opened in 1929. Students will find well-equipped classes, scientific and computer labs, a center for creativity and art and design as well as technological equipment, a center for religion training, a public swimming pool, a swimming pool, a library, sport grounds, personnel and students' equipment. Since the Chaffey's opened the irrigated village in the 1880s, the college has been strongly associated with the evolution of Mildura.

In 1890, for example, the governor of Victoria, Lord Hopetoun, layed the foundations for what was to become the Chaffey Agricultural College, but unfortunately the college was not constructed due to budgetary problems. By 1911, Victoria's Ministry of Education had approved the construction of a high-school on the grounds of Chaffey College, and Mildura High was formally opened in September 1912.

In August 1987 they celebrates their 75th anniversary and in 2012 they celebrate their 100th anniversary on the weekends from 14 to 16 September. Mildura High School was renamed Mildura College in 1990 as part of the Ministry of Education's 1990 Education Strategy Plans to take account of the evolving character of education in higher education.

Once again, as a consequence of the reorganisation of training since 1995, the College is known as the Mildura Senior College[54], which is dedicated solely to the last two years of upper secondary schooling. The Mildura Senior College has a long and remarkable track record of delivering top class learning to tens of millions of young Sunraysia residents.

The Mildura Senior College is aimed solely at pupils in grades 11 & 12. It is the 7-10 College's task to decide on the achievement of a satisfying 10th grade. College enrollment also depends on a number of variables such as ages, behavioural records and other performance. The Chaffey College is a Viktorian state college situated on Deakin Avenue for pupils in grades 7 to 10.

There were 640 registered at the university in 2012. As part of its module programme, the Collegium provides 120 to 140 different classes per semester. There is a two-track gym at the campus which it runs as a community centre with the Mildura Regional Council. There is a small theater with a capacity of up to 220 people.

Mildura, HMAS Mildura and HMS Mildura are the names of two ships of the Australia Navy. Mildura ( Home of Mine) and Come to Mildura - the Land of Winter Sunshine were composed by Reg. Stoneham in the 1920s. Commons Wikimedia has related news to Mildura. "Buronga (Mildura Part)".

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La Trobe University Mildura. wikivoyage has a tour leader for Mildura. See historic 1920-2001 Mildura and surrounding areas from the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia's Collections.

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