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A passionate lawyer, Mike Burman has focused on helping his community and protecting victims who need a winning lawyer and strategy. Make the most of Wisconsin with your photos and voices with Mike Burman. Give Mike a vote to help him win prizes and get published! ike Burman hockey stats, events. Perfect for Mike Burman collectors.

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is a franchisee, Mike Burman, and is a real estate agent and proprietor of Realty Executives Local Group Inc. Announcements were made by Realty Executives President Scott Gilmour and Mike Burman, brokers of record for Realty Executives Local Group Inc. "We are very happy that Mike has responded to our invitations to join the Realty Executives International network," says Gilmour.

? He and his staff are top-producing property experts who deal with housing, business, leisure and investments. A seasoned realtor who is dedicated to providing the services and excellency to get the results you need. We' re looking forward to helping Mike, his staff and his clients."

Vice-President, Global Medical Information

Mr. Mike has more than 15 years of expertise in the field of providing information to clients in senior executive and executive positions for organizations such as Wyeth, AstraZeneca and Bristol-Myers Squibb. Mr. Mike addresses his work with a policy of continual improvements, which leads to innovation in involving healthcare practitioners and the general community in the search for outcomes.

He is a member of several trade associations and speaks regularly on issues related to worldwide healthcare information at several trade meetings in the United States, Europe and Asia-Pacific. He has chaired DIA's and ARCS's globalization meetings in the US and Australia and is a member of the planning committee for the DIA Medicinal Affairs and Scientific Communications Conference 2017.

He holds a BS in Pharmacy from Temple University in Philadelphia and a PhD in Pharmacy from Shenandoah University in Virginia.

Meeting Mike - Lawyer with 25 years of legal practice

I' m Mike Burman. when I was growing up on a Christian County, Kentucky, outback. During my final year, I travelled 45 leagues a night to attend high schools at Clarksville Academy, Clarksville, Tennessee. In the summer I worked for the University of Louisville and obtained a Juris Doctor Degree from Salmon P. Chase College of LA at Northern Kentucky University, while I worked as a lawyer with Ware, Bryson, West, Hiltz and Bartlett, a Covington, Kentucky solicitor.

I began my own work as a young attorney and then practised with other attorneys, but I was always encouraged to "make a difference" for the wounded or those who have been transformed by the unlawful deaths of a beloved person. In 2005, I left all other forms of judicial work and concentrated solely on bodily harm and unlawful deaths.

I' m entitled to practise in any state or federal court in Kentucky or Tennessee. I' ve successfully sued Walmart, a case that went to the Kentucky Supreme Court. This case, Lanier v. Wal-Mart Stores Inc, 99 S.W.3d 431 (Ky. 2003), amended the Spatial Adhesion Act in Kentucky and has since been reviewed in over 40 cases, the Sixth Circuit.

I' Ich bin Mitglied der Kentucky et American Justice Associations und der Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys. So I successfully tried a case with GEICO Versicherungsgesellschaft, which was the second largest case in Division One of the Christian Circuit Court, Christian County, Kentucky. I' ve given courses for attorneys in the fields of law and bodily injuries.

We' re always looking for ways to reduce trial times and costs with rugged technologies. More than 30 years old, my Lisa Burman focuses on the things that really matters, and my four kids astound me with their love of learning and the will to be the best.

It is a pleasure to work with attorneys in difficult cases and to help those who are looking for the "right" situations.

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