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Mighty Myanmar Travels & Tours Ltd. Mighty Myanmar Travel, Yangon, The Republic of the Union of Myanmar. Burma is truly the only country in Asia that has maintained its authenticity throughout its long history. to The Mighty Myanmar Travel, altho. WHO TRAVELS MIGHTY MYANMAR CO.


Visiting The Mighty Myanmar Travel on your journey to Yangon (Rangoon)

for other sights you can see during your holiday in Yangon (Rangoon). We' ve had a week's trip through Myanmar; everything worked fine! There were very good attendance on the flight and all participating airports were very well attended. Magun, our leader, gave us very good support, including the rider who was in a well air-conditioned one.

Our destinations experts have always been present and have made good suggestions.

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It' International Tiger Day. One hundred years ago there were ten thousand lizards all over Asia, from the Black Sea to the Pacific and from Siberia to the Indian Ocean. Nowadays there are only a few..... More than a thousand in each dwindling enclave. Burma is one of 13 lands where there are still living sharks.

Nineteenth c. on the Rangoon fringe, includes the" TIGER ALEY" (now U Wisara Road). The population of sharks has declined since then due to the hunt and the extinction of habitats. Myanmar may have less than 100 tigers: in the Hukawng Valley and Tamanthi Game Reserve and Tennasserim Hill.

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