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Mar Mian

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Andrei Mianmar

Achang; Ake; Akha; Anal; Arakanese; Bengali; Bisu; Bulang, Blang; Burmese; Chakma; Chak, Thet; Chaungtha; Chin; Chin, Anu-Hkongso; Chin, Asho; Chin, Bawm; Chin, Bualkhaw; Chin, Chin, Chinbon; Chin, Daai; Chin, Eastern Khumi; Chin, Falam; Chin, Haka; Chin, Kaang; Chin, Khumi; Chin, Laitu; Chin, Lautu; Chin, Mara; Chin, Mro-Khimi; Chin, Mun; Chin, Ngawn; Chin, Paite; Chin, Senthang; Chin, Siyin; Chin, Songlai; Chin, Sumtu; Chin, Tawr; Chin, Tedim; Chin, Thaiphum; Chin, Zo Mingphuin;

Karen, Black, Pa-O; Karen, Brek; Karen, Eastern Kayah; Karen, Geba; Karen, Gheko; Karen, Kayah; Karen, Lahta; Karen, Manumanaw; Karen, Mobwa; Karen, others; Karen, Padaung; Karen, Paku; Karen, Pwo, Eastern; Karen, Pwo, Western; Karen, Red; Karen, striped; Karen, Yinbaw; Karen, Yintale; Karen, Zayein; Kawa, Vo; Khampti; Khiamniungan; Kiorr; Lahu; Lahu Shi, Yellow Lahu; Lama; Lao; Laopang; Lashi; Lisu, Black; Lisu, Yobin; Lisi; Malayali; Manyuki; Maru; Matu, Nga La;

Naga, Naga, Koki; Naga, Konyak; Naga, Kyan-Karyaw; Naga, Meitei; Mizo; Moken; Mon, Talaing; Mru; Naga, Akyaung Ari; Naga, Khiamniungan; Naga, Koki; Naga, Konyak; Naga, Kyan-Karyaw; Naga, Lao; Naga, Leinong; Naga, Long Phuri; Naga, Makuri; Naga, Makyan; Naga, Ponyo-Gongwang; Naga, Tangkhul; Naga, Tangsa; Naga, Yimchungru; Nepali; Nu; Orisi; Palaung, Golden; Palaung, Riang-Lang; Palaung, Rumai; Palaung, Silver; Phun; Punjabi; Purum; Phyen; Ralte; Ranglong; Rawang; Rohingya; Samtao; Sansu; Sino-Burmese; Striped Meo, Lao-Soung;

Quick evaluation of eTrade readiness

Burma can be regarded as a laggard to the e-commerce evolution, as it was internationally isolated until 2011. Myanmar's resilient growth is supported, among other things, by the introduction of ICT and the emergence of e-commerce. Corporate speed-ups, venturers and the ever-increasing number of technology start-ups are clear proof that Myanmar's e-commerce community is thriving - albeit from a low base - and that Myanmar is no longer seen as a border region for the creation of innovative digita-tion.

Myanmar's eCommerce industry has a rosy outlook, but much work still needs to be done by the government, particularly on the improvement and update of the legal and administrative frameworks (consumer safety, data safety, transaction safety, cyber crime and other issues in an on-line environment), ICT and payments³d. Over the long term, they believed that retailing, health and travel could reap the greatest benefits from the introduction of e-commerce, although most of those questioned did not realise how cross-border e-commerce, apart from imports of consumables, could help to correct the growing external imbalances.

Myanmar should next consider exploiting the full power of e-commerce by creating a nationwide strategic ecommerce perspective. In the longer run, the government needs to establish an e-commerce eco-system to promote product digitization, on-line selling and export and to provide an enviroment for those markets where Myanmar has a real competitivelink.

That should boost further diversity and exports expansion, as opposed to the present concentration on national distribution and retail, where only a small number of small and medium-sized enterprises can profit from the introduction of e-commerce.

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