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Myanmar Mia

This codeshare agreement will provide a seamless travel experience when passengers travel to and from Myanmar both internationally and nationally. Home; ?; Partners;

?; MIA, Myanmar Industrial Association. ("U.M.F.C.C.C.C.I.") and Myanmar Industries Association (MIA).

Myanmar MIA

Today's meeting provided a lot of joy and joie de vivre for both pupils and instructors. In a beautifully amusing sketch titled "The Fox and the Crane", Kristie taught our 5th grade pupils the best of all " Teach others how you want to be cured.

They smiled and laughed a lot, and everyone laughed while they were performing, but the importance of their messages persisted. Following an astonishing performance, we presented our "Wacky Wednesday" clothes and it's very simple to say that our instructors had as much pleasure as our schoolchildren. We' d also like to thank our committed, unique instructors for disguising themselves and making this an enjoyable experience for our children.

Take a look at our shiny pictures from our crazy days!

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MIA-RGN] - and higher [CHEAP FIIGHTS from Miami to Yangon (Rangoon)

Receive a warning if the price falls from Miami to Yangon (Rangoon). The rates are on a return journey with return within 1-21 day after your arrival. Tickets are subject to rapid changes and cannot be guarantee. Rangoon is 7 miles from Mingaladon Airport (Yangon, Myanmar).

Currently 49 carriers are operating from Mingaladon Airport. The airport Mingaladon has non-stop services to 33 towns. There are at least 211 national and 392 intercontinental departures per weeks from Mingaladon Airport.

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