Revealed:'Concerning evidence' for a new genocide against the Kachin people in Myanmar Investigations, which included travel to distant parts of Myanmar, followed month-long persecutions of Rohingya Muslims by the country's armed forces. Now, another ethnical group - the mainly Kachin Christians - believe that they are becoming more and more targetted because Myanmar's Myanmar army's harassment of the Rohingya has gone impunity. Army assaults are becoming more intense and severe.

The rebel forces of Cachin, who mainly reside in the north mountain region of Myanmar on the border with China and India, say that one in eight of their populations have been driven out. Their area, which they call Cachin State, is isolated from Myanmar's frontiers and forces. Myanmar has denied entry to the state to reporters, relief organizations, overseas monitors, diplomatic missions and statesmen.

All we found in this lost part of the globe was disturbing proof of a second genocide drive - or so the Kachin believe. Since Burma (later re-named Myanmar, but the Kachin tribe hesitates to acknowledge it) achieved British sovereignty in 1948, they have been struggling for self-determination.

In the course of the centuries they have built an efficient force known as the Kachin Independent Militia (KIA) and an administration organ known as the Kachin Independence Organisation (KIO). The Myanmar military's bombing and attack has killed tens of millions of people - and these have intensified considerably since January, after the same powers had expelled the Rohingya from the western part of the land for month after month.

They have used choppers and massive ordnance to bombardy the position of the rebels. Several thousand plain-clothes have escaped the attack by stranding in the dense jungles and fleeing several time. There were many of us talking to tens of tachin civilists who had been moving several places to achieve security, some on the backs of cats.

Some have spoken of assaults in or near the civilian population who had sought refuge in the refugee centres throughout the area. "I' m sure the Myanmar authorities are trying to purify the Kachin tribe ethnic. "When they see Kachin men, they try to murder us and violate them."

Kachin Independence Council (KIC) vice-president General Sumlut Gunmaw also thinks that the Myanmar government wants to destroy them. Attempts against the Kachin are arbitrary and undiscriminate. Myanmar's army has its sights set on some of the many landmines of the area, which represent a precious resource for the Kachin population.

He said he had given several papers on the assault and recurrent assaults on Kachin civilists to UK and UN officials, but the accusations of military crime had been ignored.

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