Sapphire Coastline Core With its great weather, unspoilt beach and lush scenery, Merimbula is an excellent place for your next vacation. In and around Merimbula there is much to see and do. It is the perfect place to get away from it all and rejoin Mother Earth again, with breathtaking sandy shores and national parks.

Once you get more into shopping & dining, you won't be dissapointed by the many beautiful little businesses that are hidden away, along with enough cafés, pubs and dining to keep you fully catered for. The main beach of Merimbula has five kilometers for surfing, fishing or walking. The Short Point and Tura Beach are untouched by tee plants that form a complex network of blooming pagans...'; Var this_marker = new google.maps.Marker({ Position: this_latlng, Map: Karte, Symbol: Symbol, Title: Title }); google.maps.

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The Merimbula has a basic elementary modern college, the Merimbula PRS. The city doesn't have a high school, though. Merimbula kids go to Bega or Eden to visit official high school or attend local civic education, which includes Pambula Beach, Eden and Bega. Merimbula is located directly on the Princes Hwy, and is almost equidistant from Sydney and Melbourne, with both journeys taking between five and seven hour.

The city is served by many international and domestic buses and is connected to the railway network at many junctions. The Merimbula has a verdant ball football rostrum and two pitches on the Berrambool rostrum. Merimbula also has other sports grounds. Merimbula Pambula Bulldogs will compete in Group 16 of the Rugby League Premiership.

The Merimbula is home to two teams of players, the Diggers and the Marlins. The Merimbula Grasshopper Association is the Merimbula Grasshopper Association, in which men, woman and juniors are represented. Merimbula Knights Cricket Golf Course Merimbula Cricket Golf Course Merimbula Cricket Course Merimbula Cricket Course Merimbula est un l'association de cricket sur la côte sud de l'Angleterre. Further sports associations are the Merimbula Basket Ball club, the Merimbula Big Game and Lakes Angling and the Merimbula Netball Association.

Merimbula has five within an hour's driving from Merimbula, among them Pambula Merimbula GC, Tura Beach Country Club, Eden Gardens Country Club and Bermagui Country Club. The Merimbula has an Atlantic Oceanic ( Cfb ) type weather with temperate, sometimes hot summers and cold, breezy, drier winters. Merimbula has a good weather and a good weather. At Merimbula there are two orchid shows a year, both at Twyfold Hall opposite the Tourist Information Centre.

Much smaller countrymusic festivals take place at the Merimbula-Imlay Bowling Club every year around the beginning of November. Pambula Merimbula Golf Club is home to one of the country's larger golf week, which attracts over 900 players in October. The Merimbula has a windsurf and kiteboard festivals, the Mambo. Mainly a popular touristic city, Merimbula is also known for its crisp stone owls and the June Queen's Bird's Day Long Jazz Festivals.

Local residents and tourists snatch their most impudent cars and when the flood comes out of the city at the foot of the viaduct, they drive down to Spencer Park or Mitchie's Jetty. Most of Merimbula is a touristic city, but most of its income comes from tourists. The area has a large selection of vacation homes, among them hotels, self-contained apartments and cottages for rental.

There are five major Merimbula Beach resorts - Maine Beach (or Merimbula Beach), Mitchies Jetty, Bar Beach, Spencer Park Beach and Short Point. Most of the best windsurfing spots are found on Mother Beach and Short Point, while Bar Beach is used for snorkelling. A reasonable percentage of the retired are golfers and grasshoppers.

At Merimbula we have sponge garden dive sites at Yellow Rock and the Empire Gladstone shipwreck before the beloved Haycock Point dive sites. Situated near the Bournda National Park, the South East Forest National Park and the northerly end of the Ben Boyd National Park, Merimbula is a great place to visit. From Tathra to Tura Beach just south of Merimbula, a coast trail through the Bournda National Park leads through the coast landscape.

The Merimbula region has a wide variety of outdoor pursuits, from equestrian sports to ride on coasters. Merimbula's own Magic Mountain amusement park, Magic Mountain has a Rollercoaster and one of the best sledding runs in New South Wales. Merimbula Shipyard has its own fish tank with some of the most abundant marine life on the Sapphire Coast.

Merimbula has many excellent dining and dining facilities, among them a small pub. Somewhat outside Merimbula, in the center of Oaklands, there is a new nanobrewery. The Potoroo Palace Wildlife Sanctuary is situated 10 km from Merimbula along the Princes Highway towards Bega. This natural reserve has a local biodiversity library with some practical possibilities for the kids.

The Merimbula has a number of protected historical monuments, among them:

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