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Mérida is an item, which means that it has been recognized as one of the best items in the Disney Wiki community." "Princeess Merida is the main character of Disney/Pixar's 2012 animation Brave. She' the first Scotch Disney Prince franchisee, the 11th Disney Prince and Pixar' s first Disney Prince franchisee.

Princeess Merida is the wilful and temperamental 16-year-old stubborn little sister of Queen Elinor, who reigns the empire with her husbands King Fergus. It is Queen Elinor's expectation of her daughters that Merida sees Elinor as distanced and at the same time causes the two to rub against each other. In spite of Elinor's wish to see Merida as a kingly woman, Merida is an ebullient little woman who wants to take her fate into her own hands.

The archer Merida has refined her skills in bow shooting and is one of the most talented bowmen you have ever seen. In spite of her sociable, energetic, unconventional and unconventional character, Merida has a soft and lighthearted nature, especially when it comes to her younger triplets Harris, Hubert and Hamish. Born Merida is a prince and an adventuress of a ghost.

She is a very audacious, plucky, courageous, persistent, insurgent and obstinate youngster. She does not suit the stereotype character of the print. Instead of being a virgin in need, subject to the habits, tradition and limitations of her community and expecting her to adhere, Merida is rebelling and defying her inheritance as a prince and only wants to be a norm.

She' s very sporty and loves nothing more than to ride her Angus and practice her bow shooting, of which she is the best in the game. As a younger woman, Merida had a strong connection with her mama and dad. Inquisitive as she followed the clouds, though she had to return to the path, she seemed to believe in the legend and myth of her realm, emphasizing her ingenuousness.

When she grew up, Merida is still very vigorous and permissive, but has a more tense relation with her mom (although she still has the same good relation to her father) and is more insurgent. And she thinks that her mom expects too much of her to become the same kind of personality she is without paying attention to what she wants to be, which is real, because her mom has constantly and rigorously told her to be a "real" prince, and has made the three families present their descendants as Merida's fiancées without her permission.

But Merida also hardly understood her mother's emotions about wanting to do what she thought was best for Merida, or how her wish for liberty and rebellion could potentially and adversely influence the realm. However, throughout the movie, after Merida reestablishes her connection with her mom (in the shape of a bear) as she catches pisces to feed on a riverbank and recognizes all the difficulties she has created with her ruthless acts, she makes reparations and, with the help of her mom, provides a missionary response that allows everyone to be lucky and have a better grasp of her mom's meaning and meaning while she teaches her mom to better hear and comprehend her.

She' s also very adventuresome and courageous, as she loves to walk through the woods that encircle her realm, and even climb the Crown's Tooth and drink of the firefalls, as her dad said, which only the most courageous monarchs have done. Also she was ready to defenceless her mom from her dad after her dad tried to assassinate her (as she was in her teddy and Fergus wrongly thought she was killing Elinor in her teddy) and again when she fired darts at Mor'du to save him from an attack on her dad.

Unfortunately, Merida is very irascible and impetuous, which causes her to do things without considering the implications of her deeds. But she was not aware that this would result in a difference of opinion between the three families and the Dun Broch family until she returned to the palace with her mom after she had gone to the Witches' Lodge to find a way to lift the spell that turned Elinor into the bears.

It' s because of the effects of her acts that she appreciates her mother's diplomatic roles, especially when Merida (because she is a bear) had to act as a Diplomate and take care of things herself. It will also help to improve the gap between her and her.

She can also be a little egotistical, as it turned out, after she fed the pie that held the magic that would "change" her mom, ignore her mother's grief and moaning and bombard her with the question of whether she had altered her opinion about the betrothal, and also when she wanted to cancel the meeting, although she apparently knew that she could make a nuisance, as she says: "We await your wars in the morning".

Merida, however, can and will do her best to put things right if she is mistaken. In spite of her impulsivity and shortness of breath, Merida can keep a steady mind in a perilous position, as she shows when she calmed her mom after her mom almost assaulted and desperately ran after the strands and when she resolved the quarrel between the three different classes.

She' s also very witty because she quickly succeeded in winning the sorceress for a magic by giving her collar in return for all the woodcarvings and a magic and when she realised that she could join the game because she was'the first-born of the four clans' and could thus gain her own hands in matrimony, together with the realisation that Mor'du the Pooh was actually the legendary king of his realm because of his egotistic desires and his greed for warfare between the two.

She is friendly and considerate to those she really care about and who are very dear to her, as her interactions with her familiy show, especially her siblings. All in all, Merida has evolved throughout the movie from a persistent, insubordinate and obstinate character to a more sympathetic, open-minded personality who is valiant, bold, friendly, adventuresome, free-thinking, sympathetic and loyally to the one she likes the most.

For the first time Merida is seen as a kid hiding with her mom Queen Edwin. but Fergus doesn't believe it. All of a sudden Mor'du attack and Eleanor and Merida escape, while Fergus remains behind to battle the demon icons.

Many years later, Merida is a teenage girl that Queen Elinor is trying to make her into a real royalty' s princess despite Merida's demurre. She is returning home to have supper with her ancestors. When she arrives, Merida hears Fergus tell her triple brother the tale of his fight with Mor'du until she stops and says that her dad has gone off his right foot in combat, and Mor'du awaits his opportunity for avenge.

Moves later Elinor Merida says that the three lords come to present their admirers and fight for their hands. Merida doesn't want any of it and rushes furiously out of the big hall into her room. When she removes her wrath and frustrations from her bedpost by slapping her saber, Elinor recounts to her the tale of a loved one who had shared his empire for each of his four children to reign, but the Elder wanted to reign over the whole country, bringing havoc and warmongering, and his wish to pursue his own way resulted in the sin.

Mérida still refuses listening, but Elinor is relentless and says to Merida that she should go through with it, even if she does not want it for the good of the realm. Shortly afterwards Merida is seen in Angus' stable and talks to Angus about what she would say to her mom about her desires if she would be listening.

Mérida' s decided not to get married to whoever won the game. Eleanor is preparing Merida in a narrowly shaped gown and they all assemble in the Great Hall to present their admirers. Mérida is not satisfied with any of them. There is a fight in which Merida is dissatisfied and makes her sickened.

The first-born of the great chiefs, she announces, is the only one allowed to participate in the matches that give Merida an inkling of how to get out of marriage: she explains that she is choosing to archer for the Highland GAME. As the contest begins, Merida creeps her bow as well as her arrows behind her heir.

Sneaking away, she arrives on the pitch and declares that she will fire for her own two-handedness. Eleanor moves and tosses Merida into the tapisserie room because they have a fierce fight over Merida's activities, whereby Eleanor calls her a kid and Merida calls her an animal because she has tried to wreck her world.

Then Merida tosses a giant fury and cuts the carpet between the images of herself and Elinor in a fury, and Elinor tosses Merida's arch into the fire out of outrage. When Elinor quickly pulls the arch out of the fire, feels terribly at fault and she too begins to cry, Merida weeps.

She cries as she carelessly travels through the woods until she meets the Ring of Stones and a trace of will that leads her to a woodcarver's hut. Merida notices a broomstick sweeping by itself and a speaking crows, discovering that this old wood carver is indeed a wiz. She asks for a candle.

She is told by the sorceress to get out and threaten her with swimming knifes until Merida proposes to buy all her woodcarvings with her silvery follower in return for a magic that will alter her doom. Mérida picks up the pie and goes back to DunBroch. Sneaking back into the galley to make the pie showable as Elinor walks into the room, she finds her little girl at home with relief.

Mérida gives her the pie for a fake offer of freedom and Élinor has a slice, then all of a sudden she gets sickened. Mérida accompanies Mérida to her room and puts her to sleep. All of a sudden all of a sudden Elinor turns into a teddy bear. Aghast of the effect of the magic, Merida and her brother Evinor take her out of the palace.

They then find the witch's cauldron with a spooky picture of the sorcerer in the automatic voicemail that Merida says she has until the second dawn to cast the magic, or her mom will stay a bear forever. Merida says that she reminds herself of the mystery "Fate will change, look inside, heal the ribbon broken by pride".

" Confused, Merida mistakenly sabots the hut, so that Merida and Elinor seek refuge in the ruins of the hut for the nigh. Mérida has a vision of her as a kid with Elinor as they both sing "Noble Maiden Fair (A Mhaighdean Bhan Uasal)" together.

Next day he will bring fruit and fresh drink for breakfasts. The grapes are toxic Schattenbeeren and the waters contain worm. Merida goes to a stream where she shows her mom how to take them. They both begin to bind. Then, Merida follows her, but she is not herself and attacks her own child until she comes back to herself.

They are puzzled until they see a trace of the will of the rags and walk to the remains of a fortress. As Merida drops through the ground into a hall of the enthroned and realises that it was the realm of history that Elinor told her about. Seeing a three-figured rock and a cleft fourth-piece rock, Merida realises that the spell has already occurred once when the Duke tried to alter his destiny, leading to the demise of his empire and his conversion into Mor'du.

Recognizing that Elinor will forever become like Mor'du if the magic cannot be undone, Merida repairs the gobelin she has ripped as "the way to repair the proudly ripped binding" in the hope that it will disrupt the transformable. This is when Merida realises that the realm will be ripped apart if she doesn't put it right and she tries to tell Elinor to stop her.

However, in the shape of a teddy bears, nothing can be done, and it is up to Merida to stop this insanity. Scared to be seen and assaulted, Merida is freezing into a fixed posture as she enters the room and informs them that she was in conferencem. Until Merida shuts them all up, the lords want to see the Empress.

Telling them the tale of the egotistical Prince who caused the mess in the country, she recalls that legend is a lesson and they sound with truth. Then Merida acknowledges that what she did was egotistical and must correct her error. It is telling them that they and their children should all be free to pursue their own heart and find their own love.

And so they all agreed, but Merida noticed a watch looking at Elinor's freezing posture and distracted everyone by saying they should go to the basement to party. Elinor is proud of her and both go to the gobelin room. When Merida looks for threads and pins to patch the gobelin, Elinor gets mad again and attack Merida.

As Fergus walks into the room, she attacked him and cut off Merida's wrist. Merida tries to reassure her when she escapes, but her mom escapes in shock as Merida tries to tell Fergus that the teddy bears are her. They are locked in the gobelin room for security and given the keys to the Maudie valet while he and the Lords pursue her.

Mérida begins to cry again and cries until her brethren show up..... but they too have become bear because they have eaten the damn cakes. She' s telling them to get the keys. Merida is released, and all four drive on Angus, while Merida desperately sutures the needle. You are following a trace of the shreds' will to the place where Elinor was taken prisoner.

Mérida struggles with Fergus to keep him from murdering Elinor until he is confident that the three Bearpups will help him stop him and he realises that they are his children. All of a sudden Mor'du arrives and attack the troops and Fergus. He then tries to feed Merida until Elinor gets off the rope.

She' saving Merida just in the nick of luxury and battling Mor'du. When he strikes one of the rocks, he turns around and kills Merida, who holds a javelin against him, until he is withdrawn and struck by a broken man hir, who then squashes him to his deaths. Merida realises that it is the second dawn; she packs the gobelin and tosses it around her, but she realises that nothing is going on, much to her dismay and grief.

Sincere apologies for everything, admits it's her guilt and says she is in love with her, healing the real "bond of pride" - the bonds between them as mom and baby before the second dawn ray touches them. She then senses a man's hands reaching into her head and realizing that she is a man again.

But Fergus comes and embraces his woman and daugther and kisses him. She is reminded by Merida that she is nude under the gobelin and Fergus says to the princes that they should not look like the tripples, who are also again anthropomorphic, come nude and hug their mothers and older sisters. Later Merida and Elinor sew together a new Merida and Elinor wall hanging as a pair of bears until they are summoned to the dock to bid them farewell.

Mérida has a non-speaking camera in ep. 2, "Bricht and Braw". In the first part of the four-part sequel "The Secret Library", which was broadcast on October 12, 2015, Merida made a special appearence on Sofia the First. It was the first Pixar figure to appear in the show. Mérida fires an dart in front of Sofia to attract her attentions as she emerges out of nowhere.

Sophia was hoping that Merida could help her find her aunt's purse, but Merida is telling her she doesn't need it, she just needs to believe she can rescue it herself. First Sofia doubts that she can't, but with a little more courage from Merida, who shoots an arrows out of her bows, she at last wins the trust that she can rescue Minimus and Mazzimo and fulfil her role as a storyteller.

Auntie Tilly and Merida see Sofia take off with Tilly's winged Athena and fly to the lifeboat. She is featured in season 5 of the show and is performed by Amy Manson, a Scotch actor. Merida was living a quiet existence in her realm ten years after the Brave disaster, until the northern invaders came back.

She blamed herself for her father's murder, which led her allies to consider her unsuitable, and her first act of insurrection was to kidnap her family. This led Merida, in retribution, to declaring a war upon her empires. A few month after her striving to rescue her brethren and her realm, Merida came across a will of the Night Wisp and captures it in the hope that it will bring her to them.

It was Emma who told her that she also needed the will of the Night Wisps to get away from the dark spell she had accursed, and after refusing a targeted battle to stay out of her inner gloom, Merida granted Emma the prerogative to use the Night Wispshadow once she had finished doing so.

As she is resting, Merida hears Emma apparently talk to herself about cheating on her; she doesn't know that it was actually Rumpelstiltskin's demonstration that persuaded Emma to do so. Next day Merida leaves a lure in her place as she creeps up to the Hills of Stones, whispering into the Night Wisp and releasing it.

When Emma came, Merida had her dart attached to her. Whenever Merida fires her darts, Emma manages to catch them. Then under the magical guidance of Rumpelstiltskin, Emma draws Merida in a magical way, tears her out of her mind and begins to mash it. Fortunately, Emma's wife and daughter are arriving at the last moment to convince them to stop and give Merida's love back.

Afterwards Merida thanks Emma for having helped her to see her inner eclipse. When Emma is gone, Merida abandons the group to pursue the Night Wisp. What? Merida is brought to the brink of ivory by the Night Wisp. Mm-hmm. It finds a vessel to sail across, but it is captured by the vessel holder, King Arthur, who puts it in his dock.

When Lancelot told her that he had a difference of opinion with the King, Merida noticed that every foe of Arthur was a relative of hers. Later Merlin, Hook, David and Belle enter the dungeons to free Lancelot, and Merida persuades them to let her out to help them in their search.

When they cross Ivory Coast to DunBroch, the two women creep into the witch's hut and make a drink to show off Merida's family. When she learns that her brethren are to be put to execution, Merida has Belle re-create the drink that has turned Mor'Du and Elinor into cubs. Reaching the camp of the group, they see Young MacIntosh, Young MacGuffin and Wee Dingwall, now masters of their families getting ready to murder the young, Belle tries to persuade them not to murder the masters and not to blame themselves anymore for their father's murder, but Merida is obstinate and grabs the drink after she has revealed herself to the masters.

However, Belle exchanged the drink for a little bit of running cold and the Lords fire on Merida's brethren, but she is able to take out all three darts with a fishbutt. Clan decision to embrace her as their own shepherdess. When Belle is preparing to go, Merida asks if she can help with the search, but Belle refuses and says that DunBroch needs her queen.

Merida and Elinor halted at Fergus' tomb on the eve of their coronations to give their fathers last credit, and Merida told her fathers of their triumph in saving their brethren and won the consent of the clan to become queens. When the old hag interrupted the festivities to tell Merida of a guilt, her mom wanted to put on the top of the tree during the wedding ceremonies.

Fergus had just two years before for a magical helmet that will help him secure the continued existence of his empire. It is said that the sorceress will cast a spell on her subject if she does not give back the magical helmet or its 10 kt. counterpart in 10 kt. by sunset by turning it into cubs.

Merida remembered that the chevalier who had struck Fergus had taken the rudder and looked for her old friend, Mulan, to help her. When she took Mulan to the old battle field, Merida found one of her darts, which she had fired at the chevalier who had murdered Fergus, with a slice of his coat on it.

Then Zelena magicly robs Merida's arch to help her, and Arthur, who' surprise that Merida has got away, finds the helmet that' s not there. Later Merida Mulan's friend Ruby asked her to help them find the mysterious chevalier by following the smell of the cape they rescued. The magical helmet he had taken off Fergus during the besiege was a forgery, which made Merida realize that her dad never used the real magical helmet when he was killed by Arthur's toil.

Then Merida dulls Arthur to prevent him from taking over, but the latter is compelled to withdraw when Lord Macintosh, Dingwall and MacGuffin seem to support her. When she is at last topped, Merida shows the oar when the sorceress comes up for it.

However, she unveils to the new queen that the rudder is not really enchanting, just a test to gain the trust to lead her realm without relying on any magick. Celebrating Merida's graduation, the sorceress rewarded her with a bag containing a beer to talk to her dad, and DunBroch cheered Merida as her new queen.

Merida thanks Mulan and Ruby at her father's tomb for their help before they go their seperate ways. Mérida spreads the magical beer on Fergus' tomb, where they speak to each other one last tim. In search of righteousness for what the tyrant emperor has done to her dad, Merida now swears to make Arthur repay for what he has done.

When she rides in the forests near Camelot, Merida, along with the above mentioned empire and its people, is caught by the next dark curse summoned by Hook as the Dark, and her memory of the last six week is wiped away. In Storybrooke, Merida has become the victim of another dark one, Emma, who has once again torn her out of her mind and given her the mission to make Mr. Gold, Rumpelstiltskin's Storybrooke mate, a heroes in order to get Excalibur out of the rock.

Merida immediately battles against the forest and can give him house arrest. He' gonna be able to hit her soon, but she says they have a while to go if he wants to bring Emma down. Later Merida takes Emma into her shelter, only to realize that Rumple has gotten away by smashing the chalice and using the pieces to sheathe him.

This is Emma's affirmation of his passion for Belle and orders Merida to murder Belle to make Rumple shelter her. Mérida finds Gold and Belle in the store and is about to murder them as Belle removes the carpet from under her, knocking her face on the ground and fainting.

When Merida wakes up, Merida finds Belle near the city limits, as she is the one whom David had tried to flee into the rest of the city. Mérida takes off and takes the water from the bears on Emma's will. They chase Belle into the forest and are about to be killed when they find out they' re paying for it.

She' s about to murder him, but he puts a magical gunpowder in her throat and she turns back to a man. When Emma gives back Merida's ticker, he consents to draw Excalibur. and Merida joins forces with Belle and Gold/Golden. Then Regina asked Merida to look after Emma when she tried to flee.

In revenge for everything Emma did to her, Merida says she thinks about putting one of her darts in her, but Hook knocks her out. Having recovered the dream catcher Hook stole from Emma, Merida, together with Emma's boyfriends and families, has recovered her memory of the last six week.

On the journey of the hero to the underworld to rescue Mater, Merida was abandoned to watch over Arthur, who had previously been taken prisoner by David, in his pen. When the remainder of Mary Margaret's extended remnant of the underworld, David, Emma and the other dwarfs followed Merida in search of Arthur, only to find the dead bodily remains of the ex-king, the outcome of his confrontation with Hades.

Although she voiced the hopes of murdering Arthur herself, Merida can only have compassion on him now. Later Merida meets with the others in the libary to help them to look through all the volumes that contain information about the Hades' weaknesses that have not yet been uncovered. Later Merida is seen among the city dwellers giving a burial for Robin.

Then during a vigil for Robin at Granny's, Merida and everyone felt a loud rumbling from the cuckoo. As Emma and Regina seek out Henry, Zelena uses the Wands to throw a doorway so that Merida and the visitor can escape Storybrooke if Henry manages to destroy the wizard.

Mérida is a playful figure in the Disney INFINITY 2.0 series. The protagonist in the Brave videogame, Kelly Macdonald resumes her part as Merida from the soundtrack. Merida is currently a very frequent meeting place in the various Disney parc. You can find her in Magic Kingdom at the Fairytale Garden in Fantasyland.

It will also be released by Tokyo DisneySea during Pixar Playtime. She will participate in Happily Ever After and the Festival of Fantasy Parade. Mérida is on the night show Disney Dreams! Merida was part of La Forêt de l'Enchantement from 8 February to 10 May 2016: Disney utenture musice. On the Mickey and the Wondrous Book show at the Storybook Theater, she sings "Touch the Sky" with Ariel and Rapunzel.

erida is in Disney in the Stars, too. You can find Disneyland, Merida at Enchanted Storybook Castle and Golden Fairytale Fanfare. You can see Merida at Pixar Playtime in Tokyo DisneySea. It will also appear in Tokyo Disneyland's It's a Small World ride. For more information click here. Merida became the Disney Princess line-up on May 11, 2013, making her the 11th Disney Princess in the network and the only Disney Princess not to leave the Disney Animated Canon.

Mérida was given some changes for her crowning in the Disney Princess Francisc. Merida's thick, frizzy, reddish-orange coat is much straighter because it was quite thick in her work. Responding to the Change. org appeal with over 200,000 petitions, Disney says this dispute is "exaggerated" and that this re-design is being used for a "limited product line" and as a "uniquely stylised version" for the crowning of Merida.

Disney used Merida's Pixar presence in Merida's advertising between May and October 2013. A new Merida design was published in October to better meet the needs of the general population. By 2014, Merida's new design will only be used in her'personal' advertising when she is alone in the product.

From 2015 the princesses will have a new look for their product and now Merida is seldom (!) represented in their former redesig. A lot of folks believe that "Merida" is a variant of "Meredith". Merida's originator of the characters Tia Kratter admits that Merida was inspired by the UK fashion designer and actor Lily Cole[2] and that Brenda Chapman developed the Merida characters idea of combining one of her girls and a mate.

She' the first woman in Pixar's story. She was initially occupied for the Merida vocal, but due to schedule conflict she was eventually substituted by Scotch actor Kelly Macdonald. After Atta and Dot 1998 from A Bug's Live, Merida is the third Pixar-prince. But she is the first Pixar princeess.

Merida's movie has the shorter of all Disney Princess movies. Mérida has more than 1500 individual shaped streaks of scarlet which produce a combined output of 111,700 pairs of colour. Had Merida's locks been smoothed, her coat would be four legs long and would have reached the center of her calves. Merida has a collection of 22 different outfits, including five clothes, a cape, quivers, wraps, necklace and ripped cloaks.

Mérida is the first Pixar player to appear on Once Upon a Time and Sofia the First. During" The Secret Library" Merida shows bewilderment and amazement when Sofia begins to sing. Mérida is one of the Disney Princesses for the following qualities: She' s the first and currently only princess from a Pixar and a non-Disney movie.

She' s the first princess whose movie is not a theatrical, although two of the tracks were performed by people. She' s also the first princess to ever write a tune in any tongue except English. This is the first and so far only Disney princess who comes neither from a work of fairytales and fiction (Snow White; Cinderella; Aurora from "Sleeping Beauty"; Ariel from "The Little Mermaid"; Belle from "Beauty and the Beast"; Jasmine from the "Aladdin" novel of "1001 Nights"; Tiana from "The Frog King"; and Rapunzel) nor from a historic character (Pocahontas and Mulan).

She is the first (and currently the only) princess without any interest in sex. Yet the movie's authors asserted that Young MacGuffin would take Merida's interest (and Merida seemed an interest in him during the candidate's presentation) before finally choosing that Merida should remain singles.

She' currently the only Disney princess who doesn't have a pet. She' the only Disney princess who's not a card figure in Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom. Meridas scalp has become softer in its 2D-look. Your presence on Ralph Breaks the Internets is the first Pixar figure to appear in a Disney Animated Canon film.

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