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Sakura Mergui Company

Sakura Mergui Travels & Tours is in Myanmar. Hardworking Myeik: Gate to the Inselparadies The city of Myeik is a raw gem even in the midst of Myanmar's touristic fame. For a long time abandoned under the army regimes, Myeik seduced the first visitors who found their way here. There is a shrimp farming area between the scenic Pahtaw and Pahtete Isles, opposite the beach promenade of Myeik.

It is not possible to drive through Myeik without going to the snack stands of Myit Nge Market, also known as Dawei Su Market. Meik is certainly a fishermen's place, and they have a vast, fish-drying neighborhood. At Myeik, they still build boats like they always did. Boatyard in Myeik. The third I drove to the harbour and a river upstream to the old hamlet of Tanintharyi.

Only a few traces of this glory period can still be seen in the old regional capitol city, Tanthetharyi. A small archeological collection of artefacts, medals and instruments from around the town is on display in a small market. Myeik from a bird's perspective. Both Myeik and Tantintharyi are unique landmarks, but the area still has an aces up its sleeves.

The Myeik Harbour is a stepping stone for exploring the Myeik Arcipelago, the last long paradise of Myanmar, a group of about 800 wonderful isles, wonderful sandy spots and unexploited tourist area. The majority of the dive itineraries to the island are focused on recreational and recreational activities, but recently firms such as Asia Whale and Mergui Sakura have begun to organize campsite outings.

Myeik's quiet harbour. Meik is definitely a re-discovered heaven, still untouched and almost abandoned. Swim, dive, fish, kayak, jump, trek or just relax in the hot outdoors. The largest part of the arcipelago is unpopulated, but the water is home to the salons, also known as "sea gypsies".

Though they are a migratory sea-faring nation most of the year, they have established shelters on some island during the wet seasons. When I visited a domed lodging in one of these camp, I was able to discover their home. It is also one of the few island in the island group that has a shimmering cascade of freshwater.

It is a great sight and the best big finish for our journey. A last tip: One evening I went to one of the most favourite places in Myeik, Sakura Foods and Drinks, where they mainly sell sea food.

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