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While most archipelago tours focus on diving, companies such as Asia Whale and Mergui Sakura have recently started to organize camping trips. View photos, profile pictures and albums of Mergui Sakura Travels & Tours.

Myeik, permission, and what you can do without - Myeik (Mergui) Archipelago Forum

Hello everyone, I was in Myeik at the end of February 2015 and I want to tell you what we experienced: It was one of the destinations of our trip to see some of the Mergui archipelago's isles. At Yangon we were informed that we should look for the permission in Myeik, which is still necessary for aliens to be able to visit them.

Over the four day period in Myeik (beginning of March 2015) we received the following information: An archipelago permission, especially for accommodation, must be arranged at least 2 week in Nay Pyi Taw. This is not possible in Myeik! - The cities of Myeik and Kyunsu (on the King's Island) and the small islet directly opposite Myeik (Pataw Padet) can be reached without permission.

  • There are some regional tourist offices that have specific authorisations for daily excursions: = Sakura Travels & Tours: You have a $600 per night rental with 10 places for tourist. You have a permit for some of them, including the Mergui Isles (SW of Myeik) and the mangrove island just outside of Myeik, through which you can kayak.

They' even help you find other travellers by phoning other properties. However there were only 5 people in Myeik..... = Thu Yain (Mike) - 09 254647270 or But we organized a trip with him for 50,- per passenger to the Mergui with a small chartership, but the trip was canceled the same day, because the trip had no permit.....!

I think it is better to go to the Dawei offshore islets, whatever you do, because it is much less expensive and you don't need a permit! But if you are still in Myeik, you should go to Kyunsu on King's Isle. They' ll show you the allowed part of the isle.

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